Hudson River Swim and Run

August 3, 2019 from 9-11AM
beginning at Liberty State Park
200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ

We will provide you with further details leading up to the swim.

All proceeds will help us fulfill our mission

The event is the first-ever legally sanctioned swim across the Hudson River!

Along the route, SEALs will make stops at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island before arriving in Battery Park. At each stop, SEALs will perform pushups and pullups to honor America’s liberties, diversity, and those who have fought to preserve them. Upon their arrival at Battery Park, the SEALs will run towards One World Trade Center and end their journey at the America’s Response Monument.

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Every little bit helps, and we try to make a little go a long way. Please help us help the veteran community!

Support the Navy SEAL Swim and Run and help GI Go Fund in our numerous efforts aimed at helping military veterans in the New York/New Jersey Region

  • Veteran Homelessness – There are currently 600 homeless veterans living in New York City alone, with over 500 more in New Jersey. With your support, we will work to bring that number to zero by providing housing assistance to homeless veterans, as well as food, clothing, medical care, haircuts, and financial assistance to veterans living on the streets.
  • Small Business Incubator – We have developed the first and only Veteran Small Business Incubator for veteran entrepreneurs to grow their business in the state of New Jersey in Newark, NJ – just one stop away from New York Penn Station. We have seen tremendous growth by the few businesses we have brought in since opening in December 2018, with one winning the StreetShares Veteran Small Business Grant grand prize of $25,000 in April. Your support will help us bring in more veteran entrepreneurs to our Incubator so they can enjoy similar success.
  • Career Training Center– In conjunction with our Incubator, GI Go Fund has developed an incredible space that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide unemployed and underemployed veterans with live and on-demand job training and mentorship from successful corporate leaders and fellow veterans. Support the SEAL Swim and you will help our organization provide job training to more veterans locally and throughout the area through live job training.

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    I am thankful for those who fight for our country.
  • Stephen North
  • Craig Reilly
  • $50Linda J. Wiles
    What Bill Brown and the other seals are doing is very important. I appreciate what they have done for our country.
  • $250David Hutton
    As civilian Americans, we enjoy the freedoms we have because somebody else earned that for us. We owe our very freedom and liberty to those who have served our country. Our veterans are the true hero’s and we ALL owe a huge debt of honor to them all. Praise the Lord for our Veterans!
  • $300.00William Brown
    In recognition of the the sacrifices made by my son and his family for our great nation & way of life.
  • $100Andrea
    Can't wait to attend the swim on Aug 3rd!! Happy to support our country's vets!
  • $100Sandy Tripp / Nick Tsilibes
    For my Dad’s friends that were not as fortunate
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  • Penny Heritage
    No veteran should ever be homeless or struggle with medical care.
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    Support our Military Veterans... Luke’s Grandfather was a member of a Special Army Recon Unit in the Korean War.
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    The least I can do for all those that sacrificed everything so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.
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    Supporting our veterans and service members is personally important to me.
  • $100Jeffrey Spatz
    Because the SEALs are among those doing the heavy lifting of freedom for the rest of us who are either unable or unwilling to do so. I’m grateful.
  • Mike Antoni
    Truly inspired by Bill Brown, David Goggins and the rest of the NAVY SEALS. Keep up all the great work. You are sincerely appreciated!
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    Enjoy the swim Bill! Let’s go!!
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    We send men and women to war and then do not support them the way we should, when they come back broken physically or mentally.
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    Supporting USA Military is an honor.
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  • $50Thomas Trunnell
    They bleed for us, we call them heroes. We need to take care of them when they get back.
  • $25Joel Clymer
    As the grandson of a Vietnam Veteran, I can appreciate the sacrifices our armed service members have provided and continue to provide our country and, therefore, I support this amazing and historic swim across the Hudson River to support our Veterans.
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  • Joe Solominsky
    Make it a great show, guys! Wish I could do more.
  • Zach Kitzmiller
    To show support for our veterans and our current men and women in the military.
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    We have asked so much of these guys, showing support and care is important.