Hudson River Swim and Run

August 3, 2019 from 7:15 AM - 2 PM
beginning at Liberty State Park
200 Morris Pesin Dr, Jersey City, NJ

Help us to spread the world
Thank you for participating

All proceeds will help us fulfill our mission

The event is the first-ever legally sanctioned swim across the Hudson River!

Along the route, SEALs will make stops at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island before arriving in Battery Park. At each stop, SEALs will perform pushups and pullups to honor America’s liberties, diversity, and those who have fought to preserve them. Upon their arrival at Battery Park, the SEALs will run towards One World Trade Center and end their journey at the America’s Response Monument.

Donate now to support this amazing event for military veterans and their loved ones!

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Every little bit helps, and we try to make a little go a long way. Please help us help the veteran community!

Support the Navy SEAL Swim and Run

Help GI Go Fund in our numerous efforts aimed at helping military veterans in the New York/New Jersey Region

Veteran Homelessness

There are currently 600 homeless veterans living in New York City alone, with over 500 more in New Jersey

Small Business Incubator

We have developed the first and only Veteran Small Business Incubator for veteran entrepreneurs to grow their business

Career Training Center

In conjunction with our Incubator, GI Go Fund has developed an incredible space that utilizes state-of-the-art technology

Recent Donations

  • $5Patricia Ruggier
    To support the men and woman who allow us our freedom every day.
    In Memory of Evelyn Puttenvink
  • $20Karen and Trish
  • $10.00Kathy
  • $10Kimberly Clark
  • Paula
    My grandfather served in the Marines (KIA - WWII), my dad was in the Navy and I was proud to serve in the USAF. God bless you all and thank you for your service!
  • $10.00Jen McVea
  • $10Rick
  • Khip Irwin
  • $150.00Kelly Stewart Maer
  • $100Kelly Stewart Maer
    Honor our US Veteran. May God bless you, find home, good food and health care. It is our responsibility to be in your service for your service to our country
  • $25Gary Ewing sr
    I am a former Marine and this is a great cause
  • Kenneth R. Bigbee Sr.
    I wish to support to the members who have served our country.
  • Nicole Jackson
  • $100Juliana Sullivan
    In memory of CDR Bill Murphy
  • Brian M.
    The event on Fox News was wonderful. Thank you to all our true patriots.
  • JoLynn Wettach
  • Henry Allen
  • $100Bryce Morrison
    What you are doing to help is amazing. Awesome job Ryan!
  • Jeff Hejza
    Thanks for all that you and your Teammates have done (and continue to do!) Thank you for raising awareness and funds!
  • $25Jean Worlie
    A small gesture to show thankfulness to these guys! Thanks to Fox News for airing this on live TV!
  • Jennifer Naples
    Awesome swim! Thank you for fighting to keep our great USA safe!
  • $50Vanessa Kenzie
    Amazing feat guys, with thanks and admiration.
  • $500Richard Spitz
    Thank you all for the example you set and for your service.
  • $50ShivanaSingh
  • $100Vincent Volpi
    Because ain't nothin' free about freedom. God bless us all and especially those that have served and continue to serve
  • $100Christina and Don Moore
  • $25Doug Dorsey
    What could be more important than the men and women that protect us
  • Ashley Mustian
    Coming from a Veterans wife, this is such a worthy cause to support. Thank you for the dedication put forth towards this.
  • Juhee
    Thank you for those who serve!
  • $100John A Nicolai
    My Christian brother Lew Knopp is an inspiration to so many... May God continue to protect and richly bless him. nnDnn JAN
  • $200Mark Strauss
  • $2500Richard Mines/WB Wood
    Great Cause!!
  • $100Dave Stefan
    Incredible effort to support the those who have served.
  • $50Jeffrey Testa
  • $25Donna Graves
    In honor of my husband, Steven, who is a Veteran of the AF, Army and Navy; and my son, Bob Knicely, who is a Veteran of the USMC.
  • Doug Schoenekase
    Great job Menke! Thanks to all who have served our great country!!
  • Anonymous Donor
    Our military are the bravest to give of themselves to give this country freedom. A freedom so many disrespect. Thank you to all who serve.
  • $50Katie Noble
  • $50Danielle Donovan
    My son is in the military and I want to support all the people that defend my freedom everyday. Thank You!
  • $25Scott Vick
    Continued support to our troops.
  • John Woodward
    Shannon Rusch's (Team Shark Bait )support and dedication to help our military men and women.
  • Jamie Ohl
    For those who protect our freedom every day at great personal cost. Thank you and God Bless!
  • $25Alexander Manis
  • Krista Reimer
    Proud of you and what you've done for our country!
  • $250Sheryl Barr
    My dad, a Navy Veteran, told stories of the UDT guys sneaking on base and leaving fake bombs to identify they had been there. Well done Seals!
  • Mary Jo Sinclair
    To honor those that serve!
  • Joanne MacMillan
    It's an honor to support our military.
  • William G. Boran
    Because the military is important to me
  • $50Debra M Ciaburri
    Because i come from a family of veterans and i know what they do is for our freedom and no veteran should be homeless. Wish i could give more
  • $25Kathy
    I am eternally thankful for the many sacrifices -
  • Mickey & Katie Larsen
    One of our family beliefs is to “help out when you can”. Today we’re making it a priority to support others who have served.
  • $100Mike & Bonnie Gilmore
    In memory of our youngest son, SPC Duke Gilmore, Army. Deployed to Heaven May 12, 2018.
  • $25Helen Thomas
    Loved watching the Navy Seals and Pete (Fox News). Great men for a great cause, our wonderful Veterans.
  • Sophia Tzemis
  • $25JoAnn McCarroll
    If Pete Hegseth can jump in the river, the least I can do is make a contribution.
  • $25William Van Valkenburg
    A small token of appreciation & admiration to the SEALS and all military personnel & veterans.
  • Josh Uebelhor
  • Magali Wyman
    We need to take care of our brave men & woman that serve our wonderful country.
  • $50Deborah Brown
  • Becky and kevin scott
    We are a military family and want to support out troops
  • Dale Kaplansky
    I think it is important to support our Vets who make it possible for me to have the life I have.
  • $100The BIFMA Team
    Glad to support Ryan and all of our country's veterans.
  • Cathy Lepley
    Appreciate their efforts in keeping us safe.
  • Wilma Freshwater
    honor your service to help veterans
  • $50Alfred Deleel
  • Margaret Votta Davies
  • Anonymous Donor
    to help and thank you
  • $50Eileen Diehl
  • $100Mike Donovan
    Thanks to all participants for your dedicated service
  • $100Paul Meehan
    Supporting those that supported us!
  • $100JimKosch
  • Harriet DeBauge
    I support our veterans.
  • $25Birgit Weersma
    I appreciate what the military does for our freedom!
  • $100Lacy
    Support my fellow Veterans
  • Wanda Goulet
    Very grateful for you. Thank you for not forgetting your brothers and sisters.
  • $50Teri-Lynn Bonica
    My most important mission in life is to support as many U.S. Military and First Responder causes through donations because I am humbled by what they do and what they sacrifice every day to keep me, my family, my neighborhood and my country free and safe. These men and women are my HEROES so I give in honor of them. It's the least I can do. God bless every one of them and their families. 22 a day is too many. One homeless Vet is one too many. One Gold Star or Blue Star family is one too many. One wounded Vet is one too many. Everyone should give something to support our Vets and First Responders.
  • Ray Taulman
    To help fellow veterans that need help...God bless...
  • Sherri Mancuso
    GI's should never be homeless
  • $100Kristi Mahan
    You’re so awesome Lew!!
  • $25tom mathiesen
  • William Hurley
    A veteran helping homeless veterans
  • $25miriam maggio
    I am so grateful to all the soldiers & veterans that protect us and keep us free!
  • Allen Cooper
    Love our troops, appreciate them greatly for our freedom and glad Pete joined in.
  • $25Donna Mayfield
    I love our veterans and appreciate them and honor them for all they've done and who they are! God bless them one and all!! ❤️
  • $50Paula Maffei
  • $100Sullivan
    In memory of Bill Murphy, CMDR
  • $25Patricia Conlon
    We lost a family, friend, David Warsen, also Navy Seal, who died in Afghanistan in 2012.
  • $100Donna Demmons
    These guys are awesome. We owe so much to all our veterans.
  • $100Abraham Campbell
    Giving back to those who give their all for us.
  • $50John H McRae
    It is easy to donate to men and women who make us proud and keep us safe everyday. Thank you for taking the actions to help our veterans! Semper Fi
  • $50Krista Zaleski
  • Christine Parry
    Feel blessed and thankful for the brave men and women who serve our country and keep us safe!
  • $5Joseph santomassino
    Because I graduated from Sanford Naval academy with Scooter Sullivan AKA Jeremiah Sullivan. I’m also a Master Diver. I’m very patriotic and donated to EG fund.
  • $40.00John Eastep
    Support our Military and Public Service
  • Ricky Atkinson
  • $50Pam Thompson
    Nothing more important than supporting our military.
  • $50Mike & Cate Carr
    We are vets also and so glad you guys did the swim, even with the Army. Go Marines! God Bless all the veterans!
  • $100Bob DeVed
    Navy Seals and Pete Hegseth were outstanding in their mission to benefit our vets by swimming the Hudson to great American Land Marks. Proud of all who inspired many.
  • $100Bill Garvin
    As a vet at 81 years old, I can't join you in the swim but can help in a contribution.
  • John Hennig
  • $25Wayne & Marie Lemme
    I am a Viet Nam Vet and want to show support for those who have served and need a helping hand
  • $100Rich Nolan
  • $25Laurie Richards
    In support of all our brave warriors & veterans. Land of the free..because of the brave !
  • $25Frances K Tucker
    No vet should ever be homeless in this country. (and for Pete!)
  • $100ronald samess m.d.
    My son was an Army Ranger
  • Constance LaChance
    My brother was a 20 year Army veteran and I support various different groups. Donations are never big but I figure every bit helps.
  • $5Ethan Evanoski
  • $50Gary Haigh
    Navy SEALS are HEROES... Heroes continue helping fellow veterans and the USA... :)
  • $25Steven & Marcia Senecal
    To my fellow Navy/Marine & yes Pete/Army brother’s. Proud American!
  • Janet Bluhm
    We can’t do enough to support our vets.
  • Michael Feinman
  • PAUL
  • $100Albert P. Bensimon
    Thank you to the Seals and all Military (Go Army - Pete Hegseth), Police and First Responders for ALL you do to keep our nation safe, especially on this tough weekend.
  • $50Jill Spiegel
    I honor our brave and strong Navy Seals and their support for the principle of no one left behind.
    To the dedicated NAVY SEALS and especially PETE HEGSETH for working together as a team for a great cause.... Thank you all for your service to our country...!!!!🇺🇸
  • $50David Greth
    For God and Country and all the fallen warriors
  • $500Bob Buhlman
    Their sacrifice deserves our respect
  • Colleen Lafferty
    Thank you for your service, and for sacrifices you all make to keep our country safe and strong.
  • $100Jacquelyn Nelson
  • $40Edward Johnston
    For Pete Hegseth and the Navy Seals
  • $100Cecil
    Thank You. You are as honorable off duty as well as on.
  • $25MaryAnnand Chris Yaeger
    Prior military. Loved watching the swim event.
  • $50Dianne Benton
    To all of our Troops, thank you for your service and blank check that you signed so that our freedom is untouched and made stronger. Prayer to all 🇺🇸
  • Marta Rodriguez
  • $50Howard T. Biehl
    As a veteran I believe in all veterans especially those who need help.
  • Tom and Ruth Iversen
    We support our troops!
  • Sharon Dudding
    This donation is in honor of all of those who gave their best for our country.
  • $25Joyce Broom
    It's important to support our troops in any way we can.
  • Gina Raphael
    No vet left behind
  • Roxann Hardin
    So proud their “no one left behind stand” after they come home. So proud of these Americans and so proud to be an American.
  • $100Bob Buhlman
    These guys are awesome. We have to help.
  • $100Timothy Kuntz
    I want to give back to those who have given much to their country.
  • Dan & Jan
    Support for our troops
  • Bill Slabek
    Prior service.
  • $25Jean Bottone
    Proud of them
    Love of country, honor, respect, courage, duty.
  • Tamara Eifler Boyer
    So proud of these soldiers! What an honor to get to share in their honorable mission. My donation is made in memory of my WWII father, Howard Eifler, who just recently passed at 96 years old. He would have loved what the Navy Seals did on Saturday, and as an Army man, he would have been very proud of Pete Hegseth! God Bless our Military, their Families and God Bless America!
  • $100Steve Atkocius
    Our Troops are heroes that choose to do the tough work that others wont. Thank You for protecting our lives and our families!
  • Laura Blando
    Our bravest are supporting our bravest who are homeless. Well done boys.
  • $50Lauren Peele
    Daughter of a WWll B-17 pilot, the military means a lot to me. I try to support veterans when I can.
  • $25Thomas Quinn
    For all you do and did for us. As a Retired FDNY Officer thank you and God bless all of you.
  • $100Dick and Debbie Schwob
    God Bless our troops and the sacrifices they make in support of our country
  • $50Mark and Terry Irwin
    To support our troops. Thank you so much for your service to our country.
  • $50Shawn ziel
    Our Vets need to be taken care of. Thank you for your service.
  • $
    These Seals are AMAZING!
  • $25Ferne Gollock
    We all can help in some way.
  • $50Ray Briggs
    Love country and military.
  • $100Jane Hunt
    Our military and veterans deserve absolute respect and heartfelt thanks for protecting us every day.
  • $5Jeff Rodgers
    I wish that I could do more for those that do so much for this country.
  • $25Rhonda valentine
    Love the seals. Love our country. Love our flag. Love our vets.
  • $25donna j isham
    way to go!
  • Helen Deremer
    Thank you for your service and your continued support of our veterans.
  • $100Elise Johnson
    To honor and help those who sacrifice the most.
  • Anita Todd
    I love our country and am so thankful for the military that keeps us free.
  • Tom and Ruth Iversen
    We support our troops!
  • $50Bonnie Campbell
  • $25David and Carolyn Karian
    Incredible effort for a great cause.
  • David Middleton
    Supporting those who have made a difference!!!
  • $25Wanda
    support our troops
  • Ann Rod Spittle
    Patriotism and Respect
  • $25Trina Arnott
    My husband is a veteran and did 3 deployments we understand the need to help our veterans.
  • $25Michael Maxwell
    Because I love Vets
  • Ann Day
  • $50Steven Jones
    We need to take care of our own, God Bless you HEROs
  • $100Alison Haas
    To support all vets that have sacrificed so much for our country's freedom.
  • $100Allan Lawyer & Family
    US Submarine Veteran Retired after 42 Years in IUOE Local 15 NY City No One Left Behind Great Job Pete Heckseth The Army Keeps Rolling Along Red White & Blue ALL THE WAY
  • $1000.00Margaret Topper
    My Dad was a Korean War veteran that was forgotten, and no one that serves our country should ever be forgotten.
  • $50Marilyn
    In memory of my Dad and 3 Brothers.
  • $25George Bloom
    Veterans Veterans Veterans!
  • $25Leeann Gricewich
    Saw piece on fox news
  • $50Tommy Moorehead
    Retired Police Officer just helping out.
  • Lisa Haase
    love veterans
  • $50Jacqui
    In Memory of my WWII Dad, Submarine Cavalla.
  • $100Nona Oconnor
    I want to support our military and veterans who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and way of life.
  • $25Charles m sheely
    To support our veterans. Their sacrifices are the reason the USA is the greatest country in the world .
  • $100Steve Dolan
    Homeless Veterans deserve our support.
  • $50John Punger
    The Navy’s best.God bless.
  • Tom Banditelli, Sr
    God Bless our veterans from our family of veterans
  • $50Greg York
    I appreciate our veterans for their service and sacrifice.
  • $100Joan Eigenbrod
    A big THANK YOU to the Navy Seals and Pete Hegseth, Army, for spotlighting the needs of our veterans with first ever swim/run event!
  • $100Bob and Jennifer Medairos
    Expiring and heartful moment watching the U.S. Navy seals and Pete swim across the Hudson on Fox News. We need to take care of our VETS who protected our Country and us for years. God Bless
  • $15.00Camille
    To support and thank these incredible men and women who live by a code of honor incomparable to any thing else.
  • $100Anonymous Donor
    All our Veterans need to be thanked every day of their life for putting our lives before theirs.
  • $50Greg Spaeth
    Saw Pete H from Fox's News do the swim. My father and father in law both served in our armed services and I felt inspired to contribute to those who protect our American core values, and the freedom we are so fortunate to have! Thank you to all that serve(d) on behalf of myself and my family. God Bless the USA!
  • $100anne gamache
  • $25Michele Stecyk
    Your service and dedication are so admired and appreciated! And what a great cause!
  • $250Wayne Ray
    Thankful for the men and women that serve and protect our freedom.
  • $50Ted Blach
    Thank you for your service. God Bless America!
  • $100Beau Cummins
  • $25Anonymous Donor
    Inspired by your example
  • Lori McGowan
    Thankful for all who love and serve this great country.
  • Ira Elenko
    Thank you for your service. Proud to be an American
  • $5Michael Murphy
    My family and I appreciate the sacrifice and commitment that US Military service members make for the safety and freedom we all enjoy.
  • Anonymous
    Will not forget.
  • Anonymous Donor
    I appreciate all that this country does for its people and I am prowd of all our troops. May God bless America.
  • $25Marion Kish
    I loved watching this amazing event and I am a big fan of Pete and Fox and friends.
  • $25Winfred McAdoo
  • Moshe Deutsch
    The ones who give it all for our amazing nation deserve the biggest Appreciation
  • $25Tamara Kelly
    To show support for our Veterans!
  • Bertha A McLoon
    So proud of our Vets and what they do for our country.
  • $50Robert Gassel
    God Bless those involved in this Swim and Run to help the veterans in need!!
  • $100Enrico Ballezzi
    I saw the Navy Seals on Fox & Friends do some incredible sacrifices for our country to help other veterans and i wanted to show my support for them.
  • $50John DeRemer
    Ameirca's Best on display! Great coverage from Fox and Friends. GO USA!
  • $100Cynthia D Simmons
    I just watched the Sunday morning Fox News report on the swim that took place yesterday. I am proud to be able to support this cause. Thanks to our VETERANS!!!
  • $25Barbara Dyment
    Our Military is the best, I love to support our vets.
  • $25Jon Peterson
    Pete Hegseth fan
  • $5Dave Mathieu
  • Bryan Jordan
    Great cause. Happy to help America’s finest.
  • $25Joanne McKee Gargano
    Moved by your generosity to care for troops.
  • $25Bob & Jeanne
    We just want to show out support.
  • Rick Groesch
    Supporting my fellow Vets.
  • $25Arthur Sauve
    Navy Seal Hudson River Swim
  • $100Colleen Bentley
    Thank you Navy SEALS and Pete Heckseth for being so inspiring! You are truly the best of the best in America!
  • $50Michael Vasilko
    Support our veterans and troops
  • $25Susan Boester
    support my fellow sailors!
  • $25Agnes Nolan
    To support our troops.
  • Leah Koontz
    Father-in-law was in the Navy
  • $50Beth Grosz
  • Michael Connealy
    Support veterans
  • Lois Weckesser
  • $50Bianca Endersby
  • $100Andrew Klimkowski
    Hooyah!!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
  • $25Albert Springall
  • $50Nancy and Chuck Cobb
    We want to support our veterans and thank Pete for his dedication on Fox!
  • $50Frank Barnes
    To honor all veterans past and present. Great job Pete and thanks to the Seals. True Patriots!
  • $50Fran North
    If this is important enough for Pete Hegseth then I know its a worthy cause
  • $25Rebecca Hinojosa
    To help a great cause! Thank you for your service. Pete was a trooper. Teamwork! God Bless the USA!
  • $100Matthew Wapner
  • $100Sean Easton
    Cheers Gentlemen!
  • Anthony Escolin
    My grandfather was with the US Navy.
  • $25lance Cummings
    supporting the brotherhood
  • $25David wolf
    Support those supporting others
  • Janet Bogden
    I love and appreciate our military!
  • $25Ed and Sally Grace Hahn
    We love our vets
  • Deborah Nichols
    to support my country
  • Helen Maikisch
    We should support our military
  • $50John and Jerriann Burroughs
  • John P Stevens
  • $25Volles
    Respect the sacrifice of our veterans. Grateful for our freedom.
  • $18.00Cynthia M.
    In Hebrew, "18" represents life. This is what our military gives and protects. Thank you.
  • $100Anonymous Donor
  • Benjamin
    They sacrificed so much to protect us and this country for all Americans live free.
  • Cindy Varble
    Wanting to support our Veterans and the wonderful work this program is doing.
  • $25Vincent Caruso
  • David Searby Jr
  • $25John Davis
  • $25Linda and Mac Madden
    We love our troops
  • Mary Kohnen
    Our veterans deserve our support
  • $25Anonymous
    Thank you to our military and police officers nationwide for your sacrifices and dedication to protect our freedom.
  • $25Linda & Sam Ott
    Go Pete ! Thanks to Fox & Friends for bringing this amazing event to our attention. thanks to all the Seals !
  • $50Al Eisel
    I love supporting vets, and I couldn't let Pete Hegseth's feat go unrewarded.
  • $25Karen and Joe Cowan
    To support those that support us by ensuring our Freedom. We were definitely impressed with the swim in the Hudson as seen by the coverage of Fox and Friends!
  • $20The Yates Family
    Navy SEALs are so inspiring! Thank you for all you guys do to keep our country safe! Great job, Pete!
  • $25Rebecca Riseling
    I'm in awe of what our military do everyday to protect our country and keep our families safe. God bless you!
  • $100Elizabeth Donahue
    For Pete H and FoxNews
  • Paul Lum
    I am a ex-Navy Vietnam vet. I support everything they stand for. Our family is three generation Navy.
  • $100Angella Raisian
    If our military is willing to sacrifice their lives for us, I can certainly afford a few bucks to support them.
  • Kathleen Bonner
  • Linda Mounce
  • Robert Wright-McLeod
    Americans must care for our warriors, past and present.
  • $50Mike & Suzanne Boylan
    We want to support the men and women who served our country and the families of service members who lost their lives or suffered battle scars. Thank you for your service and protecting Americas freedom. Proud to be an American today.
  • Ann Surbeck
    Thanks for service
  • Suzanne Wise
  • $25John w Bowen
  • $50Ronald Crew
    I am disabled vet and will spport all Vets.
  • $25Michelle Mueller
  • $50Richard Sotell
    Honor the Navy Seals and Fox reporter swimming today
  • $100Michael L. Clancy
    These are my brothers- Pete is my hero!
  • $50Anonymous
    To demonstrate to the SEALS that their swim today was worth the time and is the service of our troops.
  • $50David Noble
    Being a Vietnam era Veteran I want to support Veterans of all era’s.
  • $100Laurie McAuliffe
    My family loves and has great respect for our military.
  • Virginia Yonko
    No veteran should ever be left behind!!!
  • $20Carolyn Kelley
    Supporting this cause
  • $50Richard L Garver
    A former Veteran and big Fox&Friends fan plus I want to support the Navy Seals. A great group of military men and women!
  • $200Denny and Bunny Drihm
    Support gets
  • Clayton Carr, Washington State Patriot
    Good cause! God bless you guys, and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!
  • JohnL
    To help homeless vets and 1st responders.
  • Charles J. Sheridan
    Pete Hegseth - FOX & Friends
  • $25Sharon powell
    Supporting Jeff and this amazing cause
  • david fletcher
    thank you for your service
  • Cindy Guida
    To support the Veterans and to show my appreciation to the Navy Seals for doing this amazing Swim.
  • DeniseApple
    Relatives have sacrificed and served
  • Amy Hoch
    Helping Veterans that do so much for our Country.
  • $50Tammy and Ruth
    You guys rock! Thank you so much for your service. God bless! ❤️❤️
  • $25Mike stiles
    Love this Country and have total respect for all of our Servicemen/Servicewomen and First Responders!
  • $20.00Fran Russell
    Support the NY swim for Pete Hegseth and all the Seals!
  • $50Doug Anderson
    As a vet, watching this effort today was amazing! Well done!
  • $100Dennis A Day
    Supporting our service men/women and veterans.
  • $10Dowdell
    To honor their service.
  • $50Molly <3
    Cause my bff is a badass
  • $25David Apodaca Family
    Support our Great Veterans
  • $25Candace Wright
    Pete on Fox and Friends is such an inspiration to all who watch - as a senior of 72 yrs old - just wanting help. In my small way!
  • Norma J Lenac
    These Navy Seals and Pete Hegseth have done so much for us....true Patriots....God bless you all!
  • $25Denise Cooper
  • Deloris Bradford
    To support our military Veterans with Pete Hegseth
  • $100Bob Bohan
    To support this group’s work
  • $25Barry Townsend
    Thank you for your service!
  • $250Chuck & Pat Murphy
    In Memory of Joseph J. Mulqueen, BM 1, DDay Sailor, and Bill Murphy, CMDR, "Date, Nolite, Rogare."
  • $100Susan Sangenario
    To help our Veterans who are in need.
  • $25Deanna Power
    I fully support the “leave no person behind”
  • $100Col Mike and Jenny Lambert USAF
    The land of the free because of the brave. Go Pete!
  • $25jim goodall
    Its the very, very least I can do in light of the battles our veterans have to face after the war is won.
  • $25Mike Hallock
    Vietnam vet cheering on Pete.
  • $50Lt Colonel Glenn & Millie Roberts
    Share our Blessings
  • Laura Palmer
    These heroes need our help. They gave their all for all
  • Barbara Jean Jerrow
    I have the utmost respect, admiration, and love for all of our military and law enforcement agencies as well as all of those who responded during 9/11. All Americans need to give back to these amazing men/women who love this country as much as I do.
  • $50Walter Hart
    Go Pete and Go ARMY...thx to the SEALS for pulling us along. Thank You to GIGO for helping our vets. Thx from an ARMY vet.
    Way to go, Lew!
  • $50Elizabeth Cargile
    Thanks to Fox News and Pete Hegseth for informing us of the wonderful effort put forth by everyone involved in this #SealSwim
  • $50Michael A Traverso
    No Veteran should be left behind.
  • $100Dr. Halden Shane
    Support for our troops and veterans without them America would not be the greatest nation in the world!
  • $25Steve Hawthorne
    My hat is off to Pete for attempting this swim. Thanks for joining us at the CNHS NJROTC ball last year.
  • Thomas Butcher
    Support Navy SEALS and the Military
  • $100Sheila
    So proud and grateful to you all!
  • Mandy
    This is a great cause to support our veterans. I’m honored to help.
  • $10.00Anonymous Donor
    to honor family vets
  • $100Mike & Angie Fetchero
    To support our veterans. Thank you for your service and sacrifice!
  • Philip Gagen
    It's a great cause for our veterans.
  • $100Stanley Niewiarowski
    Pete Hegseth, Fox & Friends, Navy Seals
  • Anonymous Donor
    We support our military 100%
  • Sonia Richards
    Help Veterans Fox & Friends. Go Pete!!!
  • $100Karl Schreiber
    Thank you all for your service.
  • $50Timothy V Driscoll
    In Honor of those who sacrifice All for our Great Country!! God has blessed with us with the best!!
  • $50harold jesberger
    AS a vietnam veteran ,I support our new vets to let them know there service to our country is appreciated and not forgotten.
  • $25Cheryl
    Pete from Fox and Friends participated.
  • $25Amanda
    I’m proud to support the people who protect us each and every day. God bless our SEALs
  • $25Steve & Donna
    To support Pete & The Seals and their Great Cause
  • $50Sharon & Gerald Rockey
    In appreciation for all who are & have served. We have family members who have & are now serving.
  • $20.00Anthony R.
    Inspired by watching Fox & Friends. Thank you to all our Veterans who fought to protect our freedom. No Veteran should be left behind!
  • Dot Woods
  • $50Anonymous Donor
    Thank you for your sacrifice, service to our great country and all you do! Thanks to Pete and Fox News for showcasing this event. No Veteran who has served this great country of ours should ever be homeless🙏!
  • $50Denise & Ossama
    Thank you for your service!
  • $5Hubert Perry
  • Dennis
    To help vets and honor Navy Seals
  • $50Tim & Jayne Hammond
    Great cause!
  • $100Patricia Harris
    I am a Vet and my late husband also was a Vet. I want to thank the Seals for swimming to support Vets!
  • Brendan Wittlinger
    To applaud the Hudson River swim on Fox News this morning, especially Pete H’s swim.
  • $50Craig & Jenny Northridge
    Navy SEALs (& Pete) swim & run! Thank you for your service & selflessness!
  • $25Lois
    So proud of our American heroes!
  • $30.00Gina Betar
    To support our Veterans. And I'm proud of Pete for participating. I stand for Veterans and the USA.
  • Stacy
    God Bless our veterans and those who support them.
  • $100Claire Jessup
    In Support of our Navy Seal Swim and Run for our Veterans
  • $25joanne bowen
    My husband was a veteran of 20 years in the USMC.
  • $25Bob Rehl
  • $25Maureen R
    Watching Pete and Fox & Friends, thank you for highlighting what our Great Navy Seals are doing for our Vets.
  • $25Anonymous Donor
  • $50Marilyn
    God bless our military for all they do to keep us safe. they are our first priority fter these soldiers are our first priority after their active service.
  • $50Ben Landrum
    To honor all of the VETS making the swim across the Hudson today.......Thank you Vets!!!
  • Tommy Matthews
  • $25Kelly F
    I am so grateful for your kind hearts, determination and strength. We are blessed to have you watching over us all
  • $50Steve Chester
    I am a Navy veteran and believe US veterans in need deserve our support.
  • $25Sandy
    Thanks Pete and Fox & Friends for highlighting what our Great Navy Seals are doing for our Vets. We will always appreciate you.
  • $25Skip Parsons
    I’m a Vietnam veteran and believe those who sacrifice so much for our country should be taken care of in a proper way. Never used and tossed aside for all they have sacrificed.
  • $50John Casey
    to congratulate Pete Hegseth and Carley for being next to that nasty river
  • $5Stephen Brier
  • jerry hymowitz
    to support Vets
  • $25Derek Smart
    They are America's best, they risk everything for America and our safety. When they need help we should be there for them... period.
  • $50Robert Arnone
    To thank ALL veterans for their sacrifices and service to keep our FREEDOMS and to support Pete Hegseth for his efforts and Perseverance in doing the Swim
  • $50Diane Sypniewski
  • $100Theresa and Mark Jahn
    Thank You Ryan and The Navy Seals for such a wonderful fund to help those that have served our Country!
  • Anonymous Donor
    Help the homeless vets
  • $25Annmarie Greth
    Because it is important to support the men and women who keep our country safe!
  • $100gary parkhurst
    no veteran should be homeless
  • $25Kevin Krail
    There should be more done for Veterans. Too much money going to non citizens & not enough to help the people who protect Americans way of life.
  • $100Theresa Ann Berry
    Thank you fir your service. Thank you Pete and Fox for covering this great effort!
  • $50The Cote Family
    Pete, Potus and our Navy seals.. All give us hope for AMERICA!
  • $100Anonymous
    Thank you to all who serve and sacrifice for us.
  • $50Jason Piccolo
    On Behalf of the SEALS swimming AND on behalf of the homeless veteran community.
  • $50John Gallegra
    Because of these special men and women we have the freedom others don’t have.
  • USAF spouse
    my husband served 21 yrs USAF
  • $15.00Angela Bobinger
    Nothing like the men and women who are so much braver than I could ever be. We thank you!!!
  • $100Kenneth Argo
    Great Organization
  • Kathy Gamboa
  • $25PDH
    Great cause and approach!
  • $25Patty Lake
    Watching on Fox News, very impressed
  • $25Sally Miller
    Some of us understand that “freedom isn’t free”. Thank you for your service to our country, and may God bless you.
  • $25Scott Finckler
  • Kerry Senica
  • bill childers
    to support our men and women who serve our great nation, the USA!!
  • $25Lyn Robinson
  • Anonymous Donor
    No veteran should ever be homeless or forgotten.
  • Pete & Linda
    To show support for our brave Navy Seals who protect our freedoms.
  • $100Karen
    I come from a family of veterans - brothers, Dad, grandparents, Great-grandparents, and on down the line. And I am also a veteran. Great job, Pete!
  • Tim Krause
    Great cause
  • $50Pam Herrmann
    Inspired by watching the Navy Seals swim the Hudson River on Fox News for such an important cause. Also on behalf of one of their Navy brothers, Navy Pilot Mark VanOrden. Thanks to all of you!
  • $50Ginny
    I want to support the troops.
  • $50Sue & Dave Yaksich
    Great job, good cause, thank you!
  • $100Betty Calavano
    No man left behind. God Bless You All
  • Dana Termini
  • $50Barbara Kennedy
    So proud of and thankful for our great military- the sacrifices they make for our freedom!❤️🇺🇸
  • $15thomas alfieri
    support for all heroes who sacfaficed , and pete hegseth joining in
  • marie coury
    Veterans are very important to me, this is for my dad..WW11 Vet...
  • $100Richard Rosen
    Real American heroes ! No way we could ever thank them enough
  • $150.0Quinn
    Don’t die
  • $25Bill Ginty
    God Bless Our Veterans. Thank you for all you have done.
  • $25Susan Sneddon
  • $50Karen H Greeson
    Proud to be an American! Honored to honor those having served , past, present and future, who defend and preserve the greatest nation on earth.
  • $5Rosalie
    Way to go Pete
  • $25Daniel Guthrie
    All great Americans, Yesterday was Easy.
  • $25Susan Ledford
    Our veterans are this countries most valuable asset. We wouldn't be were we are without them! God bless them all!
  • $25Michele Chester
    Where would we be without our Veterans? God Bless our Veterans who keep us free.
  • $25Janice Elliott
    I am in awe of these patriots that have risked their lives for America's freedom. Fox and Friends coverage was awesome. Love and blessings to those that are homeless.
  • ernest aguirre
    Show support for our veterans
  • $25Joanna Cundari
  • $10.00Monica Sutton
    To thank them for all they do and have done for our Country!
  • $50Anonymous Donor
  • $100Roseann Beaudette
    We are so proud of our military.
  • $100Celia Bumbar
    Thank you for your service and you deserve this nation's support and respect
  • $25A patriot
    Love my USA..troops and vets..Sacrifice!
  • Robert Lake
    We can never forget the selfless...
  • $25Curtis Attaway
    Thank you for your service!
  • $25Patrick Cody
    Support our Homeless Veterans
  • $25Mark Harrelson
    Seals are the best. Thanks for everything.
  • Patricia Burdett
  • $25Ed Burnette
    Being a Vet I appreciate what these guys have given to our Country. And NO VET should be homeless in our great nation!
  • $50Kathleen E Henke
    Our Navy Seals raising money for a Great Cause!! Go Pete Hegseth, swimming with the Best our Country has to offer🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Stephanie Lewis
  • Erickson
    To give a bit back to them after they give to us.
  • $50Jim Hyland
    We owe our veterans everything
  • $100Donald Smith
    As a Navy veteran l believe in our Great country and the sacrifices of those who serve.
  • $100Antonia Turner
    It is important to support all our vets, many gave their all and pay the ultimate sacrifice.
  • $100Amy Jensen
    Honoring our Vets
  • $25Margaret Daraio
    I support my military especially those in need. God bless you all.
  • Carla Liddy
    My husband is a retired SEAL, through him and events like this I’ve really seen first hand the need to raise awareness to our veterans needs. I thank each and every veteran for their service.
  • Terry Lasseter
    I want to make a difference to the Vets of America. My Dad,Son,& myself have all served.My Son passed away 3/3/2016,he had PTSD & died of an overdose of prescription drugs & i want to remember him thru this donation.
  • $25Bradford Dow
    Thank you for doing the good work. Brad Dow - USMM
  • Bert Busocker
    No Veteran should be sleeping on the streets of America!
  • $100Kathi Yacobozzi
    VA Anesthetist many years. Love all Vet’s and still thank and hug any I run across. Go Pete!🇱🇷🤗
  • $25Gary and Janet Chapman
    Land of the Free because of the Brave who serve.
  • $50Pamela Terry
    To support Pete Hegseth’s participation & all the good work they do
  • $25Margaret Boehm
    My father, my husband and my son and son in law are all veterans and I applaud their sacrifices every day.
  • $10.00Dianne Arbuckle
    Thanks for all you do and good luck Pete.
  • $100Julie L SMITH
    I want to support our troops and help them out when they get home
  • $50Donna B
    Way to go Pete! Thank you to all the Vets for keeping us free.
  • $25Jessica Huskey
    Seen this is on Fox and Freinds and must say Wow what an Amazing Cause!! You guys are great and Made me Proud to be American!! Team America.... Thank you for all that you do and raising awareness!
  • $25Lisa
    Thankful for all our Men & Women who fight for our freedom.
  • $5Pamela Neuman
    They are Great Patriots and Freedom isn't Free ... G-D Bless These Men and Women and G-D Bless the United States of America
  • Ross Bouldin
    To support our brave heros
  • $50Steve Laris
    I am retired Air Force. We can't do enough for our military veterans
  • $100Curtis Hennessey
    Because freedom is not free
  • $25Marjorie Feldman
    Great job Pete Hegseth who resembles my Dad and WWII Army Veteran Stanley Dopart (1919-1982).
  • $25Kimberly Deal
    In honor of our vets
  • $25Eileen McCauley
    Go USA 🇺🇸! Go Pete!
  • $218Igor Gomshteyn
    Honor and Support Our Vets
  • Kathy Kranz
    In honor of my father, Ret. Capt. Joseph Brenner of Wisconsin. Proud to be a brat!
  • $40Jim and Judy
    Supporting our brothers
  • $15William Church
    For our troops and our country.
  • $25Kathleen M Alford
  • Jamie Buckner
    LOVE OF COUNTRY AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF BRAVERY AS QUOTED "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again......" (ROOSEVELT'S 'MAN IN THE ARENA"). Why do these Vets end in homelessness? Help us understand.
  • $100Karl Weber
    Making donation in honor of Pete from fox news and seals that protect us every day.
  • $25Deanna Hare
  • $25Judy Smith
    Support our troops
  • $100james aitkenhead
    thay did nit ring OUT
  • $100Cindy Bowles
    In honor of the brave men and women who sacrifice so much in order to protect and defend this amazing country.
  • $25Steven and Betty Vogt
    We appreciate and support our veterans.
  • Kylie & Eric
  • $250Anonymous Donor
  • $50Tom and Bonnie Black
    Retired Army
  • $25Isabel Castillo
    Helping our vets is important to me.
  • Vicario
  • $25Joeann Salvani
    In honor of my husband Marco Salvani
  • $100Robert and Patti Reed
  • $25Bill & Florence Wells
    Love our veterans and they deserve our support. Thanks Pete and Fox Go Seals!
  • $25Michelle Johnson
    Thank you for your service and example of brotherhood
  • $100Thomas Heimgartner
  • $50Francis Kriss
    Thanks for your service
  • $50Jason Bell
  • $50Kraus Family
    Thank you to all who serve!
  • $20.00Lesa Salvani
    Our Vets are special and need our support. Thank you for your service!
  • Darlene Lavelle
    It doesn't matter how much . It is important that all of us give something.
  • $25Brenda Sue Lock
    God bless our military veterans🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • $25Ben Nicola
    Pete (Fox News) Hegsted s swim for f Honor
  • $500.00Anonymous Donor
  • Carl Uehlinger
    I give because they gave. I was in the Army and know what it means to be separated from your family and friends to do the right thing. America should always support our military!!
  • $100Lynn & Trevis Smith
    Supporting America’s heroes! Also, Go Pete!!!
  • $25Rob Wilson
    God Bless the USA Veterans and our Military, from retired mos NYPD
  • $25Cheryl Watterson
    To help those who help/ed to keep us safe!! Love our Military and all they do for America!
  • L Baione
    So proud of our Seals! Thank you for all you do and what you stand for!
  • $50Doug Ardrey
    Although I never served, I respect, and support, those who put their life on the line for all of us...
  • David Kline
    Fox and Friends
  • $100Bobbye Bowdon
    Bryan Wallace -Navy EOD Seal Team 3 my heart is always with you
  • $50Sharon Duncan
    I'm making this donation to honor all the military that's given their lives where they're partially or completely With Honor so what can keep our freedom and our loved ones safe thank you so much for your service God bless
  • Cynthia Ditchfield
    To support our great Vets
  • $100Nazie Sue Fontenot
    Anything that helps our USA veterans . Love the Navy Seals and Army Pete.
  • Holly Love
  • $100Barbara Grice
    I believe in the military and first responders and believe the US should take care of our own.
  • David A Waibel
    God Bless Our Heroes !
  • $50Joanna Strom
    Veterans have worth beyond measure
  • $50Mary C
  • Brian M.
    Watched the event on Fox. Just an amazing effort by true patriots.
  • $50Mark West
    Retired NSW Warrior Supporter
  • $25Jerry Calabrese
    Former US Marine, 1976-1980- so proud of these warriors helping our vets- thanks to all for this fund
  • $25Robert Grim
    To support the Seals and our country
  • $25Eileen C Borders
    We must help veterans!
  • Joan Branstetter
    Anything that will help the vets!
  • Paula Cofone
    Supporting Vets and Navy Seals
  • $25Diane Sprinkle-Cloud
    For Pete Hegseth. I have 2 sons Army one son Navy.
  • $50Jan Voigts
  • Beth
    Veterans paid it forward, Navy Seals give more than most even after active duty is over. I can't swim the Hudson, but I can donate in honor of this activity and to give thanks to all who serve and have served. Kudos to Pete Hegseth for participating with such stellar patriots.
  • Karen O'Brien
    In honor of fallen Navy Seal Kyle Milliken, our friend's son
  • $25David M Palafox MD
    Go Army
  • $25Jeff Garner
    Pete didn’t make it , so I’ll donate for us Army guys to save face.... still Strong work Ranger !!!!!
  • Mark Morrison
    We watch FOX news and have a deep admiration and respect for our military. This is an awesome event.
  • $10.00Cassandra Mammen
    The Seals are an awesome team. So is Pete. Love y’all
  • $100Doris Diamond
    Supporting the cause and rooting for Pete of Fox and Friends
  • $100Emmy N
    In support of Pete Hegseth and his efforts to support our Great NAVY SEALS!!
  • $100Denise Szepesi-Strom
    To show our support for all of our Armed Forces, especially the Navy SEALS, and in memory of my brother-in-law Nicolas Checque, a Navy SEAL who gave his life in the service of our country.
  • Dawn Minix
    I want to support those who have done so much for our country.
  • $25Elizabeth Yale
    Thanks to Fox News and Pete Hegseth highlighting the event!
  • $25Bill Easten
    I am a retired Army Veteran and want to help this great cause.
  • $25Rick and Suzanne
    We love and support our veterans. Go Pete!
  • $100Kathy
  • $100Herb Strong
    To show support for the heroes that have sacrificially served our country!
  • H Kaliden
    Strength & Fortitude
  • $25The Cloud Family
    We love Pete and all our vets! Thank you for your service!
  • $100Michele Karram
    Thank you for your service.
  • $25Tom Strunge
  • $100Elizabeth Radu
    No Veteran should ever be homeless
  • $25Diane Felci
    In honor of Pete Hegseth for attempting this challenge for our Great Warriors.
  • $100Debra LeFosse
    Honer those who made the ultimate sacrifice to risk all for us.
  • $25Sean Forson
    It’s a drop in the bucket for what theses guys and our fallen heroes have done for our freedoms
  • $50mike
    Lost a Sister In Law to PTSD/suicide
  • $50Randy Kidwell
    These guys make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country. They are the true hero's. Thank you for all you do to make our country safe.
  • $20.00Gary c Ewing sr.
    These brave heroes help veterans that did their duty and deserve our support!
  • pamela roll
  • $25Maria
    for Pete Hegseth
  • $10.00Swann family
    Thank you for serving our great nation, you make us all proud!
  • $100Bob and Karol Leon
    Service men were there for us , time for us to be there for them. Thank you and your families for all your sacrifices.
  • Katharine Gunsalus
  • $100Joseph Donohue
    Supporting a great cause that helps our vets!!!
  • $10Michele Cabot
    My family has served since the American Revolution. We love our Veterans.
  • Chambliss family
    Good luck Alex!
  • $25John Maxwell
  • $50Marge Hanson
    Honor our Brave!
  • $5Puig Family
    My Dad and Brother served our wonderful country. God bless our Silent Warriors SEALs for doing this. Bad Ass Americans and Pete from Fox and Friends of course
  • $25Mik K
  • $50Donna Oliver
    Supporting our Vets! Go Pete!!!!!
  • $50Howard Moores
    May this help a little for those few who have given so much to so many. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  • David & Manesa Underwood
    It’s supporting our VETS & injured men & women that have served our country USA Honorably‼️God bless America & our troops!!! 💖🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💖. Go SEAL TEAM & PETE‼️You can go do it!!!
  • $50Tim Haley
    I enjoy the freedom these men and women and many like them provide me through their service to our nation.
  • $25Ben Adams
    The service and sacrifices of the few are what keep the rest of us safe and free
  • $100Mike Harkowa
    Thank you for your service and sacrifice to protect our freedom!
  • Scotty DeClue
    I served in 3rd SF Group in first Gulf War. Thanks to our heroes who still lead the way to leave no veteran behind.
  • $25Margaret Lee Webber
    Love Pete-Love the Military. Father/nephew-Navy, brother-Army
  • $25Anonymous Donor
  • $50Erin Sullivan
    100% support you guys and thank you for your service. Saw coverage on Fox This morning and am so happy to find out about this cause and to help in a small way- God Bless 🇺🇸❤️
  • Colleen Southwell
    My husband was in the Navy and military folks are the most giving and honorable people I know. They have selflessly given themselves to protect every woman, man, and child in the USA regardless of ethnicity or faith. I Love My Country and would not want to live anywhere else. I am thankful for every veteran and their families sacrifices to protect our freedoms!
  • $50Steve Ekizian
  • $50Chris Studer
    Support veterans
  • $25Ben Bratton
    I support the military any way I can.
  • $50Martin Wallace
  • $25Richard Barnaby Jr
    I support all our veterans
  • $50CW & Kat
    Forever thankful for your sacrifice..... Our HEROES... both Navy Seals and our son “JB” and Pete.... Army!
  • $5william j curtin
    im ex navy..go BIG E crew 1974/1978
  • Julie
    Go Pete!
  • $100Rocky Owens
    Freedom isn’t free today and it won’t be free tomorrow!
  • Aaron & Mari
    Great organization and we love our veterans!
  • $10.00Cathryn and William Jarrell
    To support Veterans that supported and sacrificed for the entire country.
  • $5Russell Gismonde
    They are “The Brave” in our National Anthem.
  • $25Tad Tadlock
    Support out Great Veterans !!!
  • Ronal E.Alston
    Supporting those who have answered the call and allowed God to operate through them in support of all of us is essential.
  • $100Anonymous Donor
  • $25Adriana Robinson
    I love and support our Vets. They have selflessly sacrificed so much for our freedom.
  • Hamid Sharafatian
    Support our military and Joseph Castle
  • $25Ringmaster 06
    God Bless our troops & USA
  • Angela Norman
  • Devon Collins
    Thank you to the SEALs for helping our veterans.
  • $50Joel and Cheryl
    No one should be homeless. USN RET
  • $25Patrick Buglione
    Not enough can be done to support these men and women who have served and sacrificed for our great Nation. God Bless You for you service.
  • SJW
  • Scott Barnes
  • $25Davis Family
    Giving back to those who've given so much to our great country!
  • Eric Bruno
  • John Cook
    To support our veterans families
  • $100Anonymous Donor
    It’s important everyone cares
  • $20.00Vic Chapman
    To honor those who have sacrificed for freedom and country first.
  • Barbara and Dennis Barghaan
    Want to support our Vets.
  • $25The Bartosz Family
    Go Pete! Go Seals! Love you & thank you for your service!!
  • $25Suzanne Robinson
    Saw the race going on on Fox News and wanted to donate
  • $100Cynthia M. Ruggiero
    I see and feel the love and commitment that the Navy Seals have for their fellow veterans and country. My love for this country and appreciation of all these veterans have sacrificed is worth even more than my donation.
  • $25Dave Stratton
    I’m a disabled veteran and know how important it is to help other veterans.
  • $50James Gildehaus
    Thank you for protecting our freedom!
  • $50Mark Daniel
    We need to support our veterans who have done so much for our country.
  • $50Pam hoffman
    To keep America safe and show my appreciation
  • $100Richard
    Anything you can give to support are great men and women is a small sacrifice compared to what they give and sacrifice.
  • $100Helen Ross
    Veteran family wanting to help others
  • $25Kelly Smith
    We can never thank our veterans enough for their service, sacrifices and the freedoms we enjoy every day 🇺🇸
  • Laura Goebel
    Want to help vets
  • $25Travis Dolan
    I love my country and the freedoms that veterans provide. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR MY FAMILY'S WAY OF LIFE .
  • $50Joan O’Brien
    An American honored to give a small gift of Thanks.
  • $100Mike & Kyia Tiffany
    We love our vets and are so thankful for the freedoms they protect!
  • Lynda Lebel
    To support our brave troops and veterans and their families.
  • Bryan dubbs
    Our protectors should always be supported
  • $25Jane Emmett
    My husband is an air force veteran
  • $100James Canalichio
    To help give back to the many vets who fought for us
  • Joan Stone
    I love our military and this event because of the swimmer’s heart felt effort to help our veterans. Thank You All
  • Debbi
  • Provi Ortiz
    Because I want to support my fellow veterans. My heart bleeds for what so many of these men and women have been through.
  • Cathy & John D.
    It's no more complicated than your very own statement. 'Nobody gets left behind'
  • $50Melinda Oliboni Hansen
    Navy Vets support Navy Vets
  • $100Albert Holt
    For those who give so much to our great nation.
  • $50S. Laurie Boutiette
    I am happy and privileged to support our Military, Coast Guard, Police and Firefighters. Thanks to Fox for highlighting a great event and broadcasting on a Saturday morning.
  • Leon Sandersfeld
    In support of the very brave and hard working troops whom protect the very freedoms as displayed in the statue they are swimming by!
  • $100Barry Strickland
    My best friend has one son going to BUDS and other son recently became a Navy Seal so extremely proud as if they are my own kids.
  • $25Dominick Laruffa
    Support the Troops
  • $25Mike and Denise Strittmatter
  • Janet Bentley
    Go Pete Hegseth and all Seals for my Uncle Charles J. Stonebrink Jr. who is a WW11 Vet at the age of 96!
  • Gary Walz
    I’m a veteran, I try to help best I can
  • $25Harold Carefoot
  • $25de keener
    Great commitment and effort by our best
  • $25Deborah garrett
    Felt inspired as I watched the event on Fox & Friends. Amazing group of people. Thank you.
  • $50Elizabeth
    So grateful to all the men and women who protect our country and what it stands for. God bless America!
  • $10.00John Wilson
    Fox and Friends coverage and Pete's swim!
  • $100Noble and Lisa Diller
  • $100Marcy Hudziak
  • John & Lynne Siegel
    Our Veterans deserve far better than what they receive. There should be no homeless Vets!
  • $25Kevin Morris
  • $100Rick Hamilton
    Supporting our vets
  • Barbara D Stager
    The Seals are a big part in defending our freedoms
  • Pamela Ayres
    We must support our military and their families!
  • Ed Ocker
    Support Pete Hegseth
  • $100Julie Olinger
  • $25Kathryn Blakney
    I support our troops. I am a former military spouse. My father and husband were carrer Army.
  • $25Jeannette Erbst
    I volunteer at the 9/11 memorial museum and our military is important to me.
  • $50Jenny J
  • Glenn Hanson
    Army rvn vet
  • $20Jeffrey and Kristina Bunce
  • $25Gabriel Delgado
    Support for Our Vets and Pete
  • Donna L Dunmire
    My father was a vet of 3 wars, my son has been deployed 3 times. Let's Do Anything for our Vets and families that they need!
  • LCDR (Ret) Christopher Harrington
    Retired Navy.
  • $25louis viscusi
    Just to help out
  • $25Carmen Jardon
    Thank you all for your service....Go Pete!!!
  • $100TJ Krysiewicz
    All our veterans should be taken care of,no questions asked.God Bless America!Go Navy
  • $25G. Robert Teel
    Supporting our men and women... (Pete Hegseth)...
  • Beth Leone
    To help our men and women that protect our country and so they are not forgotten.
  • $25Jamie Bostic
    So thankful for those that have fought for the freedoms God has blessed us with.
  • $10.00James Gallagher
    Pete Hegseth, honest reporting, America's military.
  • Joanne Bachman
    Thank you for your service.
  • Anonymous Donor
    I support our veterans
  • $10VMG
    Fan of Fox&Friends and Pete Hegseth and I support this cause.
  • $100Barbara Shrewsbury
    Support our Veterans!!
  • $500Jeanne Osgood
    an amazing man!
  • $25Joan ives
    We love our vets!
  • $100Valerie randisi
    I Love our Men and Women in our Military and appreciate their service and sacrifice in protecting and defending this great country USA
  • $100Maria Palazzotto
    To show support and thank all the men and women of the military.
  • $100Dr. Gordon Leingang
    We honor our Veterans. We stand for our flag.
  • $25Vince Wright
    Pete Fox News
  • $50Mark mcconkey
    Their sevice to our county, to honor my WW2 father.
  • $25Olga Herman
    Saw the swim on Fox and Friends and support the cause.
  • $25Marie Constantino
    My respect for the armed services grows day by day
  • $50paul Millud
    In these times the military is on the defensive-even at home.
  • $5Sara Kloberdanz
    Great men serving our nation to keep us safe and free.
  • $25Jeffrey Stypinski
    Love veterans and the freedom that they allow me .
  • $10Regina Dillulio
    Thank you!🇺🇸💪🏼
  • $25Fox
  • $25JoAnn Nero
    To help veterans, for all the sacrifices they made for us and our country.
  • $25Warren & Debbie Burch
    Just trying to help as we can.
  • $25Anonymous Donor
    I am a retired Army soldier, and I want to support my Navy brothers.
  • $25Shannon Garrit
    My husband served in the Navy for 8 years. I have all the respect in the world for the men and women who serve our country.
  • Alayne Kaplan
  • $10.00Peter Longo
    Supporting Pete Hegseth and the Seals supporting our great vets
  • $25Vicky Feeney
    Support the brave...and love of country
  • $25Anonymous Donor
  • $25Michael Brito
    My dad was a Navy Man
  • $50Pete Lena
    Son is a new Marine and for all those who give so much so we can sleep at night and have the liberties and freedoms we have
  • Mary Lou Defer
    Thank you for your service to our country
  • $5Juan Ramirez Jr
    We need to take care of the 1% of our nation. Thanks to the SEALS and Fox News for the awareness of this event and organization.
  • $100Leah Yards
    Supporting the troops!!!
  • Anonymous Donor
    In honor of my brother a marina, my son a veteran, and my father and father in law Thank you for all you do🇺🇸
  • Kimberley Forsyth
  • Stephany Cedo
  • Patty Schrab
    Thanks for your service!
  • maureen jeffreys
    America is great.
  • $25Martha Stern
    Swim Pete swim!
  • $25Barbara Harte
    Go PETE. Help our veterans.
  • Elizabeth Butt
    I believe in supporting our veterans.
  • Edna Silvernail
    To support Pete Hegseth
  • $25Kyle Harris
    Go Pete Hegseth
  • Cliff
    every little bit helps!
  • Joe Nelson
  • Valerie Gillett
    My Husband served 36 years USAF 2 Sons served and retired USAF My Dad served WW2 USN
  • $250Anonymous
    Thank you all for your service!
  • James Gormley
    Love our Veterans
  • $50Cynthia DeAngelo
    I LOVE and support the Navy SEALs and all they do for this great Nation. Let us never forget their sacralifices. Also, love Pete Hegseth of Fox News!
  • LK
  • $50The Stritzinger Family
  • $25Heather Weller
    We are all brothers and sisters!
  • $50Kalynn Amadio
    To honor our veterans
  • $25Jackie
  • $25John Taylor
    Thanks Shipmates for supporting our fellow vets and brothers in law Enforcement.
  • Lori Hughey
    Respect 🇺🇸♥️
  • The Tussing's
  • $100Dan Lurz
  • $100Gary and Cynthia
    A way for us to say “thank you”
  • $25Mike Mc
  • $25Judith Niewiadomski
    Our veterans have risked all for US; we the people need to help them in every way.
  • $50Robert Bayer
  • $20Mark Lymperopulos
    My father is a marine 1st div,7th eng and was in Vietnam '68-'69 and fighting for our country when i was born July 1969.He is 70 and a leatherneck forever.God bless!
  • $100Ben Stapelfeld
  • Susan
    support veterans
  • $500Dianne and Don Berryhill
    To support not only your efforts but also to honor our Vets.
  • Annie Thompson
    We’re so proud of our servicemen and women as well as our first responders and police forces. Thank you Seals for your service and incredible swim for the benefit of others!
  • $25Mary Ellen O'Connor
    Thank you all for your service! We love you!
  • $5Dave Grand
    Great Cause
  • Brian Traupman
  • Sherran Beckmann
    Support this amazing TEAM. Navy SEALS go where others fear.
  • $
    We will forever be in debt to our Vets - they are the county’s real hero’s
  • $100Denise Merlino
    David Kovalcin died in plane at 911
  • $5Anonymous Donor
  • $25Palolojo
  • Jesse R.Evans
    I wish I could do more.
  • $100Pamela Theriault
    Home of the free BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE. Thank you
  • Jarvis
    The men and women of the US armed forces are selfless in their sacrifice for the safety of the entire US citizenship...this is a small way to help take care of them when they are in need!
  • $500.00Bill Jennings
  • $50Jim Gibbs
    Supporting Pete Hegseth on Fox and Friends. Go Pete! Time to Get After It!
  • $100Susan W
  • $370Rebecca Menke
  • $200Shannon R
    Shark Bait!
  • $5Chris Colabrese
    Our family has a long history as a Navy/Annapolis family and proudly wish you both the best of luck.
  • $50Michael clancy
    For my brother Navy Seal Martin Clancy
  • Jason Petrick
  • $1000Mary David Boies
    Thank you Erik P and your comrades for all you do
  • $1000.00Mike and Deecy Smith
    Thank you for those who serve!
  • $100Mark Friedman
    Support veterans and my friend Kaj!!
  • $1000.00Mike and Deecy Smith
    Thank you for those who serve!
    We love all our Vets and their familys It is an honor to support them
  • $100William Marshall
    Topping up. Watching this come together and seeing the attention it’s gotten has been beyond my expectation when Bill first mentioned it. Super impressed. All the best on the swim from Hong Kong 👊🏻
  • $25Alex ragir
  • Anthony and Shelley Santarelli
  • $50Debbie Breunig
    Amazing cause. Thank you Ryan and team for your commitment and raising awareness.
  • $100Todd Lenhart
    The best men on this planet with a great cause. Rock on Jeff!
  • $50Brian Leon
  • $50Jerry Dally
    Keep pushing forward Lew and all involved. God bless.
  • $200Brendan Beer
    If reading this takes Kaj 30 seconds, that’s 30 seconds he’s not posting shirtless pictures on the gram. Your welcome team guys.
  • Froy
  • $50The Chiang Family
    Thank you for your service!
  • Nadia Ciobanu
  • $100Salvaged PGH
  • $50Steve & Lori Hall
    Anything that Lew supports we are behind him. God bless all the participants and their cause
  • $100The Lawrence Family
    Thank you for your service and friendship!
  • $100Christian Sims
    After nearly 40 years of friendship, time has only enhanced the stature of this amazing man. So many people are inexorably drawn to Lew. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you as a friend and even more of a blessing to know you as a human being.
  • Mark Pagliettini
    To support a great cause
  • The Young Family
    Former Army Nurse. Thank you for doing this to give back and thank you for protecting this country. Big thanks to all of the families who have supported the SEALS throughout the years.
  • $5Robert Bayer
  • $25Nancy Stoff
    In honor of my friend Atom Puglisi.
  • $100Karen Donaghy
    Your actions speak louder than words. Proud to know you Ryan!
  • $100Ed Pires
  • Amanda
    I am extremely grateful for every woman and man who dedicate his/her life to preserve our freedom in this country!
  • $100Desiree Donelle Marvin
    Proud of you both, what a wonderful cause.
  • $250Edd Hendee
    Support our military heroes! Go Navy!
  • $15.00The Failla Family
    We love our country. We appreciate our armed forces! Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice!
  • $50Fred and Mindy Muselli
    Supporting Jeff and all the veterans.
  • $50 robert a beckwith
  • $50Megan and Bill Tappin
    Thank you Charles for all your years of service to allow us to have our freedom! You are an amazing person!!
  • $50Brian Hamilton
    Oorah! USMC veteran.
  • $50Karen Golubieski & Albert Romano
  • Michael Kennedy
    To support the police officers and first responders!!
  • $25Ben Ingram
    Because I love my ugly brothers, even if they can shoot straight or swim worth a shit. They need all the help they can get! SF
  • $100M.J. Matthews
    To Honor, thank and serve our veterans; Thank You Chris McKinley for your continued commitment as a USA patriot.
  • Lou Miller
  • $50Lynn Roberts
    Saw this on Fox and Friends - thank you all for your service and have a great swim 🇺🇸
  • $100Ralph Gonzalez
    For support of J.Marden swimming and Seal families.
  • Paul
    A patriotic New Yorker
  • $50Megan Flanigan
    Thank you!
  • $50Kenneth Henn
    A 22 yr USAF Veteran & a proud American, I will always help my fellow Veterans.
  • $25Julie Shrader
    Great Cause for our Military!!
  • $50Rick Bosley
    The SEALS and the cause are bigger that I am, and every drop in the bucket helps!
  • $100Patty & Dennis Meekins
    Always love and support these guys! In memory of Navy Seals and other military active duty and veterans who sacrifice so much for the United States of America.
  • $50Luis Ferla Family
    Support our warriors today, plant the seed for tomorrow...
  • $1000.00Daniel Steadley
    Here to support my brother Lew Knopp, the best frogman I know! My brother in Christ!!!!!
  • Jennifer Rawls
    Supporting those that served
  • The McKeough Family
    Good Luck Ryan!
  • $5Millie Martino
    It’s just the right thing to do, especially for those that said and did it for us!
  • David Elmore
    Proud Navy vet who wants to support other vets.
  • $100Jon Otis
    Honoring my father, a WWII vet and all others who have fought for freedom. Supporting Ryan in this tremendous endeavor.
  • $50Lori Fundora
    The military needs our thanks and support. God Bless you all!
  • $25Frank Laughlin
    Helping our Service buddies is a blessing
  • Marion Luddy
    Help out vets
  • $25Danielle Perreault
    My son serves in Maine Army National Guard and There are no finer men than those who serve.
  • $10.00Hilary Wons
    We need to support these hero's who help all of us, thank you for your service.
  • $50Ray Coleman
    As a veteran myself I know the challenges so many veterans face and the sacrifices they and their families have endured. We are the greatest Nation on Earth for a reason and its our veterans and families that bare the personal cost and hardships to ensure we remain the best nation on earth. God bless them all!! Our SEALs are the elite, so proud to see what this organization and these SEALs are doing to show support.
  • $1000.00Donald Sanneman
    We want to help our veterans who give there all to keep us safe.
  • $25Dave Weber
  • Brian McNealy
    For the Hero's that serve and protect us everyday unconditionally.
  • $20The Henlen Family
    Proud of those who serve and have served!
  • Carley Shimkus
    Thank you for the good work you do
  • $25Carrieann Dixon
    I'm am a USCG Vet and My son is active duty Army
  • $100Raymond Benemerito
    Such a great and wonderful cause. Good luck Lew and God Bless!
  • $25Joanna Gile
    Thank you for protecting our FREEDOM and DEFENDING and SERVING our great country!
  • $25Oregon
    Pete Hegseth
  • Ed Elliott
    Never surrender
  • Sonja Murillo
    No amount of money is ever enough for the sacrifice you have made for our freedom. Thank you!
  • $25Joe and Kim Lapinski
    In support of Joe Castle for his service and support of his comrades in arms! 🇺🇸
  • $250Greg Durkin
    In honor of Ryan Menke
  • $50Hyatt construction
  • $5Alexander Watt
    From Australia. Small token of gratitude for the sacrifices those in the American uniform make to keep America and the world a safer place. God Bless America and it's Troops both active and retired.
  • $15Jack A. Curry
    Thank God that we have so many brave SEALS that have gone above and beyond for our country and for every American. Even after their tour of duty is done they go above and beyond for their brothers-in-arms. My sincerest thanks to every man and woman who has ever served .
  • $25Bill Wilson
  • $25Tim Pendleton
  • $100Kathleen
  • $100Shawn P Bardong
    want to help homeless vets
  • Gogels
  • David Alberico
    I am a retired USAF veteran and I want to always stand with our fellow veterans in support of veteran causes. God Bless America!.
  • Danny Z
    Veterans mean the world to me. My best friend is a former Seal .
  • $25Chuck Fickter
    Supporting those who supported us
  • Mark Curtis
  • Vicki
    I believe in and support our veterans. Because of their sacrifice and bravery I can live in a free Nation. Go USA!
  • $25Anonymous Donor
  • Peter & PEM Carter
    “No team member left behind”
  • Yasmine Kane
    We must support our veterans emotionally, financially and spiritually
  • $25James Shannon
    I support our brave men and women of our great military. Thank you for your service and oiur freedom
  • $100M Walsh
    Thank you to our amazing military veterans! God bless the bravest and strongest our Navy SEALs , for swimming the Hudson River. THANK YOU!
  • Gina Smrt
    In honor of our Vets and First Responders.
  • $50Lenn & Wendy Marella
    We are both Veterans and we try to do everything we can to support our brothers and sisters that serve and have served. HooYah Navy!
  • $100Anonymous Donor
  • $10.00Stephen Igoe
  • $50Tom Doherty
    Thank you, vets, for your service to the USA.
  • $25frank rhode jr
    These men are the greatest representatives of our Country
  • $50Helen & Jack Parsons
    Support our great military, good luck on the swim.
  • Michael bailey
    Im a Navy vet. This is a worthy cause
  • Nick Frangipane Jr
    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Go Seals! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • $50Joseph Dixon
    Leave No One Behind!!!
  • Joan Schmidt
    There is never enough we can do to honor our veterans. Every dollar and every thank you gets us closer
  • $25Any American Family
    Thanks for standing up for the people who already have, can’t or won’t!
  • $25Patricia West
    My son is an Army active duty... I support our vets and admire those who serve... God bless you for this continued sacrifice
  • $25Jennifer Montgomery
    Love the men who love OUR AMAZING AMERICA....our men who make OUR country great😘❤️🇱🇷
  • $25Tom Ventura
    Supporting the cause
  • $25Patricia Grasso
    Just watched Fox and Friends and I love the message behind this foundation. Thank you to the SEALs who serve our country and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  • $100John Paul Cowan
    Because I think we need to recognize what or Tops do not only when in the Service but what they do for us and their peers after they have served.
  • Doug & Diane Law
    Proud military family and supporters. Thank you for what you do for our service men and women
  • $25Ronald Havu
    To support our service men and women.
  • Linda Domini
    We support our military.
  • $25bryan elliott
    Support our Vets - from a VET!
  • $10.00Susan Mager
  • $25Philip A LaRocco
    To support veterans in need.
  • $5Richard Goon
  • $25Kathy Collins
    In memory of my father who served in the Navy as a Fireman and served as a NYPD Officer.
  • Rebecca Harrington
    Support our vets
  • $25Tracy Kauffman
    Veterans are so important!!
  • Connie denston
    To show support
  • Christopher Manning Family
    After a combined 46 years in the Navy for my wife and I, we love to have opportunities to help our fellow veterans.
  • $50Adan Sosa
    “Never forget” long as I live and can talk I promise to never forget.
  • Kristin Belcher
    Support our Veterans!
  • $25Ken Janoski
    To support our military.
  • $100Lynda & Brent Jacobs
    We are behind you, SEALS! Thank you for your amazing sacrifice and thank you for such an amazing way to fight homelessness! All our love and respect! Go get 'em too, Pete! :)
  • Motz Family
    Nice work Ryan!
  • $50James
    I am so honored to support our heroes! Thank you SEALs!!
  • $5Jack
  • $50Jim Rokaitis
  • $100David D’Amato
  • $200Meagan & Brett Johnson
    Our safety and freedom rest on the shoulders of all the veterans that have served honorably for this country. Thank you for all your dedication into training for this swim to help the men and women we owe so much to!
  • $25Lela Marshall
    Im thankful for every sacrifice.
  • $100Janice & Steve Lischick
    It is important to support those who gave so much of themselves for all of us!!
  • $100Carter Schultz
  • Victor
    Helping our brothers and sisters.
  • $100Steve Blackwell
    Thanks for your continued service to others. God bless you brother!
  • Francis Rodriguez
    My respects to All. The best of luck.
  • $100Lisa DeCoste
    Joseph Castle, proud to call you my friend!
  • $100Esther Hahn
    On behalf of my father. Best wishes Ryan and thank you for honoring our veterans!
  • $250The Hegarty Family
    For the tremendous gratitude we owe to the men and women who have Served to Protect Our Nation.
  • $50Jack Fanous
    Go SEALs
  • Jer and Christina Dunlap
    We are so proud of you!
  • $100Navid Sharafatian
    Nothing is more noble than serving your country. Thank you Joseph.
  • $300Boylegroup
    We are happy to support those that keep us safe and allow us to enjoy the freedom that we often take for granted. Ryan we are proud to support you and team shark bait! Best of luck to you all!!
  • $25Pook
    Semiper Fi
  • $100Bill Glikes
    We're with you Lew
  • $25Jeff Lanctot
    Go get 'em, Remi Adeleke!
  • Team Kalka
    In recognition of your years of service and dedication to helping others.
  • Jim Klock
    God bless our vets!
  • $100Tim and Joanie Troutman
    Let’s Go Boys! Make us Proud once again!!
    Home of the Free because of the Brave
  • $25Crystal Nadeau-Scott
    Thank you Shannon and team, for all you have done and continue to do for our veterans!! It is an awesome cause and I'm sure it's quite fulfilling! I only wish I had more to offer, if I had as much money as I do respect for each and every one of our veterans, you would've exceeded your goal by far!! Good luck and be careful!
  • $50Bethany Burr
    Good luck Shannon & friends on this awesome adventure! May the force be with yall! ;) Thank yall for stepping up yet again to help veterans get a hand up back into a better situation!
  • Mark Albaugh
    To support this effort to bring awareness to a horrible and inexcusable situation. Thanks to all participants!
  • $25Tereda
    Support for those who risked there lives for their country❤️ So thankful!
  • $25Adam McHenry
    I'm a veteran. Vets support vets. Semper Fi!
  • Howard Foltz
    In honor of Jeff & his comrades. Thank you for your sacrifices on our behalf!
  • $100Alexis Lese
    God Bless you. You’re a pillar. Salt of the Earth!
  • $25Sarah Jane Simpson
    This is a great cause 🇺🇸
  • $25Mattie Hartley
    Thanks to all you rough men standing ready to do violence on our behalf! #badasses
  • Kathy McBrayer
    On behalf of my grandpa Thomas Brooks Sharretts and his two brothers, Amos and Ted who also served. God speed Ryan! I wish you the best on this courageous journey.
  • John Skipper
  • $100The Nicol Family
  • $50Keith Walker
    God bless you Lew.
  • $100Randy Bowman
    Thanks Ryan for giving us the opportunity to support such a great cause. Best wishes on your swim!!
  • Fred Gossen
    To support a great American for a great cause!
  • $50Tim Cole
    Go get them Lew. Keep strong my brother
  • $2400OFS Family
    As veterans, families of veterans and friends of veterans, we are so thankful for the sacrifices that are made to protect and preserve our freedoms. No veteran should ever be homeless and we are proud to have one of our own play a part in this momentous day.
  • Steven Dunn
    God bless you for supporting our Vets! Super proud to be a part of the OFS family! God Bless our VETS!
  • Willie B. Laureano
  • $100Dave Good
    As a former Marine, I support veterans -- and Lew is one of the best!
  • George
  • $50Hemu Nigam
    Without Lew and people like him, we wouldn't have a Statute of Liberty..
  • $50Gail Karabatsos
    Human beings have love.
  • $100Troy and Steph Pingsterhaus
    Good luck Ryan!
  • Jennifer Troyan
    It's a good cause.
  • $100Craig Davis
    Great Cause!! Good luck!
  • $25Irene Guerrero
    Great Cause! " Way to go Ryan!"
  • $250Tim Piper
    The freedom and security our military provides our nation means a lot to me.
  • Joseph Capps
    Thanks to all those who served
  • $100Michelle Lockard
    Our vets have done so much for us and our beautiful country. I pray this gives hope to these amazing Americans. ❤️
  • Krems
  • $600NYPD Ballistics Unit
  • Jarod and Jami Brames
    Best of Luck!
  • $50Mary Pedley
    Great effort, go Ryan and Shannon!
  • John Sullivan
    Shannon, thanks for what you’ve done for others in need...
  • Roberta Brouk
    Kaj Larsen is a good soul. We met him in MO while campaigning for Eric Greitens. They serve others and country and still do. Very honorable! - Robbie Brouk
  • Natalie, Lane and Katelyn Thomas
    Daddy Shark--doo, doo! Awesome cause and good luck Ryan
  • $100Rob Partin
    Phenomenal of luck Ryan.
  • Kevin Breton
    This is an incredible journey you're on, happy to support your dedication as well as providing some stability to the men and women who sacrifice it all for us.
  • $100Amanda S.
  • $50Mac Bayly
  • $500Vinny & Amadea Minutolo
    Shannon Rusch is an inspiration, a hero, and the best friend ever. Swim your heart out bro!
  • Kass Everett
    The cause and support for our veterans and my Friend Bill Brown!
  • $50Michael Maccia
    Honor to every soldier, sailor, airman who bravely bears our amazing country’s cause! Thank you Lew for your service and friendship! God Bless
  • $50Brent Aikman
    Thanks to Lew Knopp for tirelessly supporting veterans causes and being a fearless warrior!
  • $500John J. Brown
    To honor our service member, veterans and their families. Thank you Lew and your Teammates.
  • The Wijes
  • Matt Campominosi
  • Arden Gurney
  • $25Mwami Pecou
    I am a VET and avid Scuba diver, I thinknit is a freat cause.
  • $25Gina
    Great Cause for Heroes!
  • Lisa Sayre
    Great cause ! Good luck especially swimming through the Hudson River!
  • Robin Dyson
    Good luck Ryan!
  • Vernon Evenson
    From your friends at EvensonBest.
  • $500Rick & Whitney Pflanz
    Awesome job Ryan! Very proud of what you are doing for our Veterans and the hard work you are putting into this!!
  • $25Travis Irwin
    In honor of Ted, Todd, and Khip Irwin
  • $100Patti Meckler
    It’s a great cause!
  • Nancy Berry
    Very important cause
  • $300James Gallery
    I am the grateful parent of 2 veterans & proudly support our amazing troops !!
  • $100Danielle Weslock
  • $200Linda and Guy Restivo
    Thank you Bill and your team for your sacrifice and for honoring all our heroic vets. You are a true inspiration and we are so very proud of you!
  • $50Joseph Scholz
    To support veterans in need.
  • $100Kevin Toomey
  • Andrea, Josh, Garrett, and Addison Ecret
    Good luck, Ryan! Such a great way to honor our veterans!
  • $250Ditto Sales, Inc.
  • $50David Hutton
    Go Ryan, and go team shark bait! Thanks for helping such a great cause!
  • $100Steve Vajtay
  • $50michael schetlick
    Our soldiers make this country the Great!
  • Adam, Natalie, James and Baby Davis
    Go Ryan!
  • $100Geoff Lynott
  • Kate, Claire, Elle, Jennifer and Nick
    Inspired by your discipline, preparation and pursuit to support veterans. Swim fast and may the sharks be lethargic that day!
  • Karen Motkowski
    In support of those who have fought for our freedom.
  • $50Martin & Sandra Cummins
  • Allen and Donna Carder
  • Jane Kimball
  • Ana Paula
    The veterans made sacrifices in their lives that few people are willing to make. These selfless actions are inspiring.
  • $100David & Mandi Harris
    What an amazing experience! Have fun and great job!!
  • $100Lisa Bonsall
  • $117Sam Megowen
    No one should be homeless. Swim on Jeff, Kaj and Team!
  • $100John Kelly
  • $100Greenberg Family
    We believe in supporting the people who support us.
  • $100Konstantin Chaus
  • $25SIC Fitness
  • $100Darrell M. Blocker
    I’m both former military and CIA and supporting fellow veterans.
  • $50The Cantu Family
    In honor of the 50 states Charlie served, protected and loves. We are fortunate to know you and call you a friend. It is our privilege to support such incredible and brave patriot for the Seal Swim. 🇺🇸
  • $100Jim watson
    Helping those who give so much. Have a good swim Kaj!
  • $100Eileen Matranga
    It’s important to me because Charles is my son and he will continue to support all military families that are in need. I am so proud of him and all the seals that are participating in this function.
  • $100Sandi Matranga
    Supporting my incredibly honorable husband who loves his country with all his heart and soul.
  • Angela and Kevin Mathies
    What a great way to honor our veterans, way to go Ryan!
  • $500.00Jeff Eckert
  • $100David Lasman
    A thank you to the service.
  • $25Leigh Ann
  • Luke Rothschild
    Inspired by Kaj's mission to help fellow veterans.
  • $50John Trefry
    Supporting Kaj because homelessness in the vet community should be a thing of the past.
  • Nicole Abeckett
  • Vladimir Cvetko
  • $25Adrienne Riche
  • $20Hans
  • $200.00Kristen Donovan
  • $100John & Hannah Frank
    Thank you honoring our veterans! And good luck!
  • Cindy Malmo
    To show support for our returning military - my heart is them
  • $100Kimberly Belanger
    Our service men deserve our support
  • $50Larry Willett
    I’m making this donation out of respect for the men and women that fight for our freedom! Thank you all!
  • $50John Beatson
    In support of Jeff and all veterans. Thank you for your service.
  • $25Joelle
    My father was a navy hard hat diver serving in WWII and Korea and my husband was in the army in Vietnam in communications. And my father and his brother and their father all served in the navy at the same time in Korean conflict. Great story. So it means everything to my family that you are helping support veterans everywhere.
  • $100Bruce and Karen Snyder
    Go Ryan! What a great cause for a deserving group.
  • Kyle & Morgan Rust
  • $100Trevor Pickering
    Supporting my man Jeff and the vets out there.
  • $200.00Robert Morton & Kenny Robinson
  • $100Scott Duncan
  • $37.00Jena Tyree
    Meaning never comes from you get , it comes from what we give. I love our veterans! Honored to make a contribution to support them!
  • $100Sokol Belishova
    Because guys like them made possible for Guys like me to bust out of commie sh... hole back on day and be able to enjoy freedom that we have today in USA . God bless USA 🇺🇸
  • $100Rick Gordon
    Out of love & respect to all vets, including both of my W.W.II. parents.
  • $100Al and Andrea Mihajlovits
    The cause is very honorable.
  • Michael Friscia
  • $25Brian Sirgutz
    Because Kaj is an inspiring human being
  • $100Joe Boccassini
  • brent marchant
  • $100Brock Schnute
    Everyone should! Get it boys, great cause!
  • Ryan Seidl Family
    You rock, poopy mud!💪🏻
  • $100Keith Crowley
  • Ron and Phyllis Cox
    Proud of you, Menk. Such a good cause.
  • Wayne and Lisa Mehringer
    Good luck, Ryan! And thank you for your efforts for such a good cause!
  • Nick & Amber Wheeler
  • $25Morris
    Veterans are amazing, special individuals who don’t receive enough thanks and recognition.
  • Laila Dimaculangan
    Good luck Ryan! Thank you for your courage and participating in a great cause. We’re all rooting for you.
  • $100Angie C Kleban
    for team Shark Bait
  • Dean & Denise Miller
  • $100Casey, Jen, Paige and Nolan
    Go Jeff!!!!! Can’t wait to cheer you on in NYC.
  • Brandy Houchin
    Great cause! The camaraderie, pulling together, and supporting of each other.... this is life! #Goosebumps #Proud #America
  • Louise Tedesco
  • $25Tarrah Georges
  • $100Vicki Ziegler
    In support of Seals and Homeless Vets
  • George & Carrie
    Can I have your Bronco?
  • $100Dirk Turner
    My Dad was a marine in the Vietnam War. He was a recipient of 2 purple hears. I am proud to support this great cause and thank you for supporting our veterans.
  • $250Christopher j Reid
    Chris McKinley
  • Doug Shapiro
    Important Cause! Swim Hard Ryan!
  • $50Onome Adejemilua
  • $50Samantha Page
    Good luck babe!
  • $50Margaret Moriarty
  • $50Michele Vanderstreet
  • $25Franca Perlongo
    Bill, many thanks to you and all the men and women who have made sacrifices and are still making sacrifices for us. God bless you all.
  • $100Edward Butler
  • $100Cecilia Beirne
  • $300Sami Asaad
    Thank you for your service, Bill. God bless you.
  • $50Jacqueline Bosma
  • $100Brenda C. Sherman
    Bill - Thank you for your service to our country; and in memory of my dad Lawrence Michael Sherman - U.S. Marine.
  • $100Brenda Davis
  • $100Sheri Pastor
  • $50Diane Anderson-Bach
  • Nick and Nicole Giesler
  • $100Chuck and Sheri Saylor
    Thank you Ryan for bringing a focus to this important need!
  • Jerry Alles
  • $50Jessica
    Thank you to all veterans for your service - we are indebted to you and I’m happy to donate to a cause focused on your care.
  • $100Andy Perry
    Support the folks who gave me my freedom is a no brainer.
  • $50Cathy Zillgitt
  • $50Mitch Glaser
    Awesome event and cause.
  • $50Greg Deitch
  • $50Joseph Sinagoga
    Honored to support our Veterans. 🇺🇸
  • $50Phil McLaughlin
    support for homeless Vets is important to me.
  • Isai Lopez
    🏆🇺🇸go Remi
  • $25Derek
    There are so many reasons for us not to care, sitting at the top of the world, but I support and love what people like Remi Adeleke are doing for the forgotten population of the homeless and disenfranchised.
  • Thomas Frauenhofer
    Every little bit counts
  • $25Cathy1112ct
    Being able to give back by donating lifts my heart. Remi’s swim for our homeless vets hopefully raises a bit more awareness & hopefully a lot more financial support will be donated!! 🥰 #TeamRemi
  • Tanya Johanson
    Supporting Remi Adeleke. I love our veterans.
  • $25Carmelo Crespo
    I support our Veterans , plus Remi was our guess speaker at our “Courageous Men” event in Tampa ,Florida and I too am from the Bronx.
  • $25Danielle Hopkins
    Because of Remi Adeleke
  • $100Andrew Perry
    Support out vets should be second nature to us as Americans. We would not be here or have the freedoms we do with out them.
  • $50Kevin Bunn
    I am honored to support in particular, SEAL Remi Adeleke, as he continues to support and participate in events such as these.
  • Craig Gravces
  • $200.00Lindy & Nadine Rosato
    Never forget their sacrifice!
  • Linda Kline-Lau
    In support of those who have served.
  • $200Joseph Lubertazzi, Jr.
  • Matthew Huff
  • Mark D
    Supporting this fine human being Remi Adeleke .
  • $50Ken Perry
    Thank you for your service and helping our veterans.
  • Meyer Distributing
    Thank you to all Veterans and Troops! Go Ryan!
  • $100Wes Miliband
    Thank you to our heroes from yesterday, today and tomorrow. God speed to you, Gentlemen, with the swim!
  • Eric Jansen
    In memory of my nephew SO2 David J Warsen, SO1 Patrick D Feeks, and SO1 Remington Peters - gone too soon... #LLTB
  • $100Diane D. Pugliese
    Bill - I know I don't have to tell you how much I appreciate your bravery and sacrifices along with all those who serve or have served in our armed services. No words can truly acknowledge how grateful I am to all of you. You have a special place in my heart. I know you will do great in the swim and I will be there to cheer you on!!!
  • Betsy Daubney
    Our veterans deserve all our support.
  • Dave Denny & Insidesource
    We are honored to support your efforts to help homeless veterans. Best of luck to you in your swim across the Hudson
  • $100John D Brefach
  • James
  • $50Ana Kelley
  • $100Tony Vandemore
    Thank you for your service and the example you set for all Americans!
  • $100Vicky and Ash
    So grateful for all our veterans and much respect for all they sacrifice for our country
  • $50John arnone
  • $50Sam & Pamela-Anne Rizza
    We support our troops
  • $25Katie
    gratitude and respect for those who risked their lives for our country.
  • $50Brian Carroll
  • John and Karla Buening
  • $100Brandon Phillips
    DO WORK RYAN!!! We'll be rooting for you here on the west coast!
  • $250Jay cox
  • Seray
  • Wesley & Matt Edmonds
    GREAT job, Ryan and Shannon!! So excited to support y'all!
  • $100Anthony T
    God Bless the USA and our Veterans!
  • $100Ashley Davis Williams
    In honor of my husband who is a veteran! Good luck!
  • Maria Felic
  • $50Patrick Sullivan
  • $100Brandon & Lindsey Mears
    A truly wonderful cause! We are cheering you on!
  • $50KOA Family of Veterans
    During our family RV trip to Yellowstone we met an amazing family of veterans at a KOA camp ground. We will never know their names but we are so thankful for their generosity -- Ryan and Kimberly
  • Mike and Denise Thompson
  • $100Stacey Harloe-Mowery
    A great cause that inspires us all! May the force be with you!
  • $2000.00Contract Sources, Ltd
  • Ken & Nikki
  • The Sullivan Family
  • $25Keith Chasen
  • $50Erin Distler
    Good luck!
  • Chuck Kozora
  • Sears Family
  • $8500Amrosia
  • $50The Saavedra Family
  • $25The Henn’s
  • $100Steven Villagomez
    Anthony Page protected us. I thank him for his service.
  • $50Jason Munkatchy
  • Linter Family
  • $500Frankie Tam
    LLTB HOOYAH NAVY and all Veterans
  • $250Wrk Lab
    Because we love our freedom and those who fight to provide it!
  • $50The Wecks
    Well done, Menke. Well done.
  • $100Berenice
  • $100Eric & Lacey Vollmer
    Great job! And good luck!!!
  • $25NC1 Jarabellina
  • Corinne and Anthony
    Swim Son Swim 🏊‍♂️
  • Phyllis Menke
  • Pete
  • $25Cherie Tao
  • $250.00Harold Paine
    in support of Ryan and team in helping raise awareness around the many issues facing the men and women that having given so much in the defense of our country. Thank you all!!
  • J.R. Calles
  • Ed
  • $50Salvatore Palmeri
    Just keep swimming just keep swimming.
  • Chris Grillo
  • Ben Wagner
    Amazing cause! All the best.
  • $50Giuseppe
  • Jim & Kathy Aiello
    My wife and I are making this donation for our deceased Father's -Larry Aiello Sr and Joseph Klink and our nephew - Matthew Klink, who is currently serving in the Army. We thank them for their service and dedication to protecting our country.
  • $25Chris Cornett
    To support the Navy Seal Brotherhood
  • $50Martin Vacirca
  • The Cozy Corner
    To show support for our military.
  • $100Blaire Fauser
  • $3000.00Mark Rhoades
    Amy and I are super excited that you are participating in this amazing event for such an important cause. Good luck! 🍀
  • Chelsea Flickinger
    Good Luck Ryan!
  • $100Tim Truby
    Met this Seal in Mahwah and never got his name but he shared information about this cool event.i live in Cincinnati and won’t be able to attend. But all the best in your fund raising efforts.
  • $100M. Saidel
  • $100Brent Giesken
    Well done, Ryan!
  • John Chalus
    Former SEAL
  • $100Marc DeLille
    Go Ryan!
  • Bryan
  • $50Jeff Plost
    Happy to support! Good luck Ryan!!
  • $25Greg Ness
    Support for those who protect our way of life.
  • CS and Support
  • $100Drew Ramsey
    Thank you for this opportunity Ryan. Good luck! Thank you for supporting our Veterans mental health.
  • $20Matt Hursh
    positive energy = positive impact
  • Lisa Hoffmann
    Go Ryan!!!!
  • $50Arlene Sanchez
  • $100John Shannon
    Go Ryan !
  • $100Jeremy Piccini
  • $250.00Brian & Scott Tretter
    Thank you to all Veterans and to Ryan for dedicating your time to support the brave men and women who have served our country! Best of Luck!
  • $500.00Jon and Allison Menke
    Go Ryan! We are proud of you and all of the work you've put into this. Good luck!
  • $1000Becky and Steve Schwinghamer
    So proud that my son would do this for our veterans!!
  • $100Edward Pisarski
    Godspeed Ryan... “Never Forget”
  • $50Geri Hieronymus
    Go Ryan!
  • $501.00Kris Kelly
  • $1000.00Darryl Nowak
    Support for our troops
  • $500.00MAVEN
    Go Ryan! Thank you for helping others who truly deserve assistance. Oh, and if you see fins sticking up through the surface of the water - swim faster. :)
  • $100Nathan Stallings
    Thanks for taking on this challenge's important work!!
  • $100Cheryl Davis
  • $25ted & geri ziegler
    to support Ryan and this important cause
  • $100Caryn Brennan
  • $100Cory Menke
  • $100Adam Saravay
  • $100Susan and Charlie Marck
    You are an inspiration Ryan. No vet should go homeless. The Hudson River will be your friend.
  • Kelly Joyner
    What a great cause! Go Ryan!
  • $100Billie Jo Voegerl
    What an awesome event and thank you Ryan for supporting our Veterans!! The men and women who fight for our freedoms should never be homeless!
  • $100Bernadette DeCelle
    So happy to support Bill and the rest of the SEAL team!
  • $8500.00OFS
    We are blessed to live in a country that provides so much opportunity, but none of that would be possible without the sacrifices of service men and women throughout our history. We are humbled and honored to have one of our own amongst this elite group of warriors fighting to help their brethren make the transition home.
  • $500Scott Tucker
    Colossians 3:23 Go get it! Stoked for ya
  • $100Gary Petertyl
    Perseverance. Conviction. SelfReliance.
  • $5000OFS Board of Directors
    Our brave women and men deserve better than this and we are proud to support this great cause. Let's all do our part to help our brave warriors transition home.
  • $100Daire Browne
  • Sherry Mason Brown
    Our brave warriors deserve our support for protecting our freedom. Thank you for taking on this challenge.
  • $1000Hank Menke
  • $75.00OFS Credit/Collections Dept
    We are able to live in the land of the free because of these brave men and women. As civilians, we are forever indebted to our veterans for their service. This is a small gesture of our support.
  • $50Janel Levadoux
    Thank you Ryan for your efforts in creating a better life for homeless veterans.
  • Alicia Condie
    Happy to donate to such an honorable cause that is very important and personal for my family and I. Good luck Ryan! Very proud of you :-)
  • John Phillips
    Noble cause. Glad to help in some small way to the amazing Vets with post service struggles. May God be with them.
  • James
  • Lauren Morgan
    Great cause. Go Ryan!!
  • $50Mark Proctor
    Happy to support our Vets❗️
  • The Heile Family
    Thanks for helping our veterans! Good luck neighbor!
  • Renee Lardieri
    For the veterans
  • $100Ken Schmidt
    The words "Veteran" and "homeless" should never be mentioned in same sentence.
  • Shane Ring
    Great cause. Bring a speargun.
  • $100Office Environments
  • $100Kody & Melody Schurz
    No vet should be homeless! Good luck on such a great mission.
  • Brenda Stallings
    You got this Ryan! Thank you for supporting our veterans who did so much for the freedoms we enjoy!
  • Dick Messerschmidt, Inc.
    Thank you to those that have made the ultimate sacrifices to earn and keep our Freedom. Never Forget.... Honor & Remember....
  • The Becher Family
  • $500Carrie Houchin
    In memory of Kent Fleck of Jasper, IN , whose son is currently. Navy Seal.
  • $100Cheryl & Chris Reinke
    Thanks to all who have served!
  • Rosalind Santini
    To support veterans
  • $250.00Kari Wekluk
    For my Dad, the Marines I knew as a kid, the people visibly suffering, the ones fighting in silence, and everyone touched by this heartache. Thank you, Ryan and Shannon for being the definition of grit and courage.
  • $100Parker & Maddie Robbins
  • Christina Jameson (Bracco)
    Shark Bait Ooh Ha Ha! Cheering you on from Florida!
  • $25Steve B
    Glad to support this cause, thank you!
  • $200The Rileys and Burnetts
    We are so proud to call Ryan our family! His dedication to this great cause shows his true commitment to our Soldiers and Vets. They are our Heroes and Warriors that make our freedom possible and Ryan is honoring that! We love you! Swim fast Shark Bait!
  • Brian Blessinger
    We need to raise enough money for the coastguard helicopter rescue:). Awesome cause and look I forward to hearing about the event!
  • Cheryl n Roy
  • $25Matthew Johnson
    Proud of you man.
  • $500.00Joseph and Karen Pace
    What an amazing cause to donate to! Team shark bait, you got this! Lets end homelessness for the veterans that served our country!
  • $100Charlie & Joyce Vollmer
    A huge commitment for a worthy cause!
  • $250Jim Skeen
    Small way of saying thank you
  • $100Dennie Long
    Great Cause
  • $100Laura Bush
    Ginger Power Ryan!
  • $200Sheila Calello
  • Source Four Commercial Furniture
    Thank you for making this commitment. Great cause.
  • $1000Matt and Gayle McCormick
  • Chris Mandle
    Go Ryan and Shannon!
  • Vicky Klasing
    Way to go Ryan! Go Team Shark Bait!!
  • $100Cydnee Alvarez
    You got this Ryan! What a great cause and way to support our veterans!
  • Meredith and Ryan Hulse
    My dad is an Army Veteran, 173rd Ariborne in Vietnam. Thank you for raising money to support those who defended our freedom.
  • Beverly Rehkop
    In support of those who protect our freedom. Thank you for your dedication and contribution to this event.
  • $100Susie Stetter
    Best of Luck Ryan - you have my upmost respect and admiration for taking on this task with such a prestigious group of men. Dedication, Determination =Perseverance - Enjoy the journey to the finish line:)
  • $100Char Rheault
    Love supporting a great cause!
  • $500Scott Davis
    Thank you Ryan and Shannon for participating in this very important event. We support our Veteran Community!
  • $100Anonymous Donor
  • Sonya A.
    Go team Shark Bait- HOO HA HA!!
  • $2500TrueScripts Management Services
    Support of Ryan Menke and a great cause!
  • $1000Jim & Nancy Huebner
    Great cause and I didn't want to be out done by Greg Luna.
  • Anna McClelland
    Everyone who serves is a hero to me. Good luck Ryan!
  • Aaron and Gwen Roberts
    You got this Ryan! Proud to be a part company that supports our Veterans. Our Veterans have sacrificed so much for this country and everyone that lives here. We need to do all we can to support and help them get the care and help they need.
  • $15.00Anonymous Donor
  • $100Bill Reilly
  • Franzel Family
    Very appreciative to all those who have served. You got this Ryan!
  • Nigal Werksman
  • Jack Werksman
  • Terry Kivipelto
    Support of Ryan Menke. Thank you to all veterans for your service.
  • $50Mike Uebelhor
    In support of Ryan Menke
  • $50Jorge h aedo
    It is an honor to know William brown, I was super lucky to met him. He helps veterans. I have a big respect for him and his teammates.
  • $100Stewart Brown
    Good Luck Ryan !
  • $100John Rouse
  • Stan Gray
    Good luck Ryan! Make us proud!
  • $100Heather Shoop
    You got this, Ryan! Thanks for highlighting this organization that supports our vets!
  • $25David Lancaster
    Good luck Ryan!
  • $100Phyllis
    Because my brother gave 30 years for our country 🇺🇸.And I am so proud of him and all the navy seals who have done so much for our country,and some who gave the ultimate sacrifice god bless all of you and all of our military 🇺🇸
  • $250Ali Oxley
    We are forever grateful for our troops. Go Team Shark Bait!
  • $250.00Americo Magalhaes and Family
  • $100LT John Carbone, USN (ret)
    Son of a veteran, grandson of a veteran, and the father of two veterans, all in for those who have served
  • $100Roger Webb
    Supporting Ryan Menke in joining the Navy Seals on the Mission Imposssible.
  • Anonymous
  • $140Mati & Marty Welp
    Proud of you for stepping up - incredible commitment!
  • $100Jessica M.
  • $100The Schwartz Family
    Thank you Ryan for raising money and bringing recognition for such a worthy cause. Thank you to all that have served.
  • $100John Steele
    Because My brother in law Sacrificed 30 years of his life to the United States of America
  • $25Brad West
    Great cause for veterans and great opportunity for Frogmen!
  • $100Billy Hoare
  • Scott Hall
    Such a worthy cause. Go team Ryan!
  • $25MP
    Supporting the Brotherhood
  • $50Amy Carlin
  • $150.00Robert and Emily Duban
    Thanks to all who serve and have served!! Ryan, thank you for doing this (wow) and you got this.
  • $25Jessica Kates
  • $25Jerry Joaquin
    Supporting Charlie and our veterans!
  • $50Philip Dana
    I believe in Charlie, the NSW community, the Navy, and this awesome country.
  • $200First Region Association of the United States Army
    Supporting our nations warfighters and their families!
  • $25Kristen Gigante
    Good luck Chris
  • Chuck Tommey
    Freedom is never free. Thank you Steve and your fellow SEALs.
  • Elizabeth Chambers
    Our Service members Rock!
  • $100Randy McClellen
    To support our wonderful veterans and proud association with Ryan and the OFS team.
  • Dana S. Miles
  • Blue House & Families
    You got this Ryan!
  • $100Robyn Baron
  • $100Gerry Bohn
    In honor of our Navy Seals and all of our veterans. God Bless America
  • $100Jacob Murphy
    For everything they did for our freedoms, it’s our duty to give back and support them in any way we can
  • Gina Capitanini
  • Lynne Hirsch
    I want to show my sincere gratitude and appreciation for our military and our veterans who served and sacrificed for our great nation. God Bless and thank you❤️🇺🇸
  • $300Mike McFarlane
    Love the cause and the team name. You got this Ryan!
  • $100Diane Milarsky
    Bill - thanks to you and all members of our armed forces for your service and sacrifices. You got this!!!
  • $5Anonymous Donor
  • $500.00Jack Fetner
    Having had 3 generations of my family serve in the military, I can't think of a more worthy cause. Go get em Ryan.
  • $100Alberta Reilly
  • $50Jeff and Beth Botheroyd
    Support Cameron Johnston
  • $250Doug Edwards
  • $100Megan & Bryan Plante
    Grateful to all of those then & now who imagine a better place for everyone.
  • Chad Giesler
    We owe our service members past present and future a greater debt than we could ever repay. The freedoms we enjoy in this country are invaluable.
  • $1000Greg Luna
    Thank you to all of the Men and Women who have made ultimate sacrifices for our Country, Our Freedom, our Safety. Thank you Ryan for the Sisu attitude and for taking the time out of your already overwhelming life schedule to train for this event.
  • $200Janet Welsko
    Thank you Ryan for participating in this incredibly important event. in support of our veterans. We could never do enough for them and their families. Thank you, thank you.
  • George Potter
  • $100Patty Streiner
    Thanks for doing this Ryan. Good luck!
  • Brian & Ashley Blessinger
    Go Ryan!
  • $50vincent castagno
  • $100Charles Hirsch
    GREAT Cause
  • Harper family
    We all are blessed people that get the luxury to enjoy freedom as we do because of the sacrifice so many men and women make on a daily basis. Any opportunity to give something back should be embraced to the fullest.
  • $250Janeen Waddell
    Thank you for leading and helping those gave so much for us!
  • $100Jeff Carlson
    Good luck Ryan. This is a very worthwhile cause.
  • $50Sandy sbarro
    God bless the people who have died representing our country!
  • $200Sascha and Anne Wagner
    We owe far more than this to those that put themselves in harms way for our freedom.
  • $100Brian & Nancy Graham
    Ryan's commitment to the cause
  • Alexa Jo & Henry
  • $250.00Andy Anderson
    This is a cause that is very personal to me and getting these soldiers the care they have EARNED is long overdue!
  • $50Aaron Kleinmann
    In honor of Erwin Kleinmann's service
  • $100Bill Farkas
  • $50Tina Brennan
    It's an important cause--helping the brave men and women who have helped us all. Good luck Ryan and Team Shark Bait!
  • $50Paul Maxwell
    Enabling Veterans, and First Responders, their families and communities
  • $25Melinda and Bud Greenman
  • $100Joe Daniels
    De Oppresso Liber
  • $50Elizabeth Glies
  • $50Elizabeth Ferguson
  • $50Vincent Crochunis
  • $50Anon teamguy
    Teams -n- Sh!t
  • $25David Glies
    Good luck Jacob!
  • $50James Kellar
  • $25Steve Nevins
    Go Jacob!!!!
  • $100The Beja Family & Meatball
    Supporting The Family
  • $50Danielle
  • $100Joe Poke
  • $50Pokrentowski’s
  • Mark & Kris Hebert
  • $25Tobey Fischer
    Proud to be an American and grateful for all the sacrifices made by our armed forces
  • $25Vardit Smith
  • Faye Exley
  • $250Ryan McCarthy
  • $50Kate Buck
  • $25Nellie Gargarita
    Go Bill!
  • $100Alice
    Thank you
  • DIG construction
  • $50Yonette Adams
    To support the cause
  • $25Peadar Wall
  • $100Sean O'Dowd
    To support our veterans.
  • $50debra
  • $25Regina Seus
  • $25Regina Seus
    I have great respect for our military and our vets. Everything should be done to take care of them. They served with such great honor and dignity and have done so much for our country at great personal expense and sacrifice. Never forget them. We should all aspire to be like them.
  • $50Mary Gabriel
  • $100Herb & Cate Moore
    We appreciate our veterans and their service to our country. Thank you!
  • $50Sharon Mason
    Bill - Thanks to you and your family and all Veterans for your sacrifices and service and for your continuing commitment to our country and veterans. Wish I could attend and watch you all crush it, but I'll be there in spirit!
  • $100Andy Richards
  • $50Richard Coates
  • $50Meredith Walsh
  • Lauren Seigel
    Bill - thank you for your service; and to all the men and women who have and are currently serving in our military, thank you is never enough. You should never be forgotten.
  • $50Ashley Turner
  • $50Hugh Murray
  • $50Chris Rojao
  • $50Christine
    Thank you! This is such a worthy cause.
  • $50Sandra Cummins
  • $100Makenzie Windfelder
  • $50Jacqueline Bosma
  • $100JOHN GREGG
  • $100Nabil
  • $50Deirdre Burke
  • $50Anthony Risalvato
  • $100Geoffrey Rosamond
  • $50Curtis A. Johnson
  • Matt North
  • $25Brittany Burnett
    I am thankful for those who fight for our country.
  • Stephen North
  • Craig Reilly
  • $50Linda J. Wiles
    What Bill Brown and the other seals are doing is very important. I appreciate what they have done for our country.
  • $250David Hutton
    As civilian Americans, we enjoy the freedoms we have because somebody else earned that for us. We owe our very freedom and liberty to those who have served our country. Our veterans are the true hero’s and we ALL owe a huge debt of honor to them all. Praise the Lord for our Veterans!
  • $300.00William Brown
    In recognition of the the sacrifices made by my son and his family for our great nation & way of life.
  • $100Andrea
    Can't wait to attend the swim on Aug 3rd!! Happy to support our country's vets!
  • $100Sandy Tripp / Nick Tsilibes
    For my Dad’s friends that were not as fortunate
  • James
  • $100Will Sgro
  • DJ Layden
  • Connor Tartaglione
  • Evan Sanford
  • Penny Heritage
    No veteran should ever be homeless or struggle with medical care.
  • Chili Connell
  • $75The McManus Family
    Support our Military Veterans... Luke’s Grandfather was a member of a Special Army Recon Unit in the Korean War.
  • Ryan Menke
    The least I can do for all those that sacrificed everything so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.
  • The Polaski Family
  • $250James Kerrigan
  • Todd Irwin
    Supporting our veterans and service members is personally important to me.
  • $100Jeffrey Spatz
    Because the SEALs are among those doing the heavy lifting of freedom for the rest of us who are either unable or unwilling to do so. I’m grateful.
  • Mike Antoni
    Truly inspired by Bill Brown, David Goggins and the rest of the NAVY SEALS. Keep up all the great work. You are sincerely appreciated!
  • Ryan
  • James Fanous
  • Adam Klein
    Enjoy the swim Bill! Let’s go!!
  • $25Adam Huber
  • Jayme Zamarro Gangi
    Mark Puttenvink
  • $50Edward Fox
    We send men and women to war and then do not support them the way we should, when they come back broken physically or mentally.
  • $5Karen
    Supporting USA Military is an honor.
  • Bob Manning
  • Brett Buterick
  • $50Thomas Trunnell
    They bleed for us, we call them heroes. We need to take care of them when they get back.
  • $25Joel Clymer
    As the grandson of a Vietnam Veteran, I can appreciate the sacrifices our armed service members have provided and continue to provide our country and, therefore, I support this amazing and historic swim across the Hudson River to support our Veterans.
  • $250Alex Calderone
  • Joe Solominsky
    Make it a great show, guys! Wish I could do more.
  • Zach Kitzmiller
    To show support for our veterans and our current men and women in the military.
  • $100William Marshall
    We have asked so much of these guys, showing support and care is important.