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This is truly an historic occasion and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored to be invited to take part. I’m asking you to show your support and join Shannon and I in making a donation that shows these men and women how much we appreciate the sacrifices they have made so that we can enjoy the freedoms that only America provides. OFS is dedicated to helping the veteran community. I hope to raise $10,000 for the GI Go Fund. To be a part of this event and show your appreciation for our troops, simply donate here.

About Event

The event is the first-ever legally sanctioned swim across the Hudson River! Along the route, a team of U.S. Navy SEALs will swim to the Statue of Liberty and then Ellis Island before arriving in Battery Park. At each stop, SEALs will perform pushups and pullups to honor America’s liberties, diversity, and those who have fought to preserve them. Upon their arrival at Battery Park, the SEALs will run towards One World Trade Center and end their journey at the America’s Response Monument.

The Navy SEAL Swim and Run will help GI Go raise funds for veterans in the New York/New Jersey Region, including ending veteran homelessness in New York City, and funding the veteran small business incubator and training center. Donate now to support this amazing event.

Recent Donations

  • $100Brandon & Lindsey Mears
    A truly wonderful cause! We are cheering you on!
  • $50KOA Family of Veterans
    During our family RV trip to Yellowstone we met an amazing family of veterans at a KOA camp ground. We will never know their names but we are so thankful for their generosity -- Ryan and Kimberly
  • Mike and Denise Thompson
  • $100Stacey Harloe-Mowery
    A great cause that inspires us all! May the force be with you!
  • $2000.00Contract Sources, Ltd
  • $8500Amrosia
  • $250Wrk Lab
    Because we love our freedom and those who fight to provide it!
  • $50The Wecks
    Well done, Menke. Well done.
  • $100Eric & Lacey Vollmer
    Great job! And good luck!!!
  • Phyllis Menke
  • $250.00Harold Paine
    in support of Ryan and team in helping raise awareness around the many issues facing the men and women that having given so much in the defense of our country. Thank you all!!
  • Ben Wagner
    Amazing cause! All the best.
  • Jim & Kathy Aiello
    My wife and I are making this donation for our deceased Father's -Larry Aiello Sr and Joseph Klink and our nephew - Matthew Klink, who is currently serving in the Army. We thank them for their service and dedication to protecting our country.
  • $3000.00Mark Rhoades
    Amy and I are super excited that you are participating in this amazing event for such an important cause. Good luck! 🍀
  • Chelsea Flickinger
    Good Luck Ryan!
  • $100Brent Giesken
    Well done, Ryan!
  • $100Marc DeLille
    Go Ryan!
  • $50Jeff Plost
    Happy to support! Good luck Ryan!!
  • CS and Support
  • $100Drew Ramsey
    Thank you for this opportunity Ryan. Good luck! Thank you for supporting our Veterans mental health.
  • $20Matt Hursh
    positive energy = positive impact
  • Lisa Hoffmann
    Go Ryan!!!!
  • $100John Shannon
    Go Ryan !
  • $250.00Brian & Scott Tretter
    Thank you to all Veterans and to Ryan for dedicating your time to support the brave men and women who have served our country! Best of Luck!
  • $500.00Jon and Allison Menke
    Go Ryan! We are proud of you and all of the work you've put into this. Good luck!
  • $1000Becky and Steve Schwinghamer
    So proud that my son would do this for our veterans!!
  • $100Edward Pisarski
    Godspeed Ryan... “Never Forget”
  • $50Geri Hieronymus
    Go Ryan!
  • $501.00Kris Kelly
  • $500.00MAVEN
    Go Ryan! Thank you for helping others who truly deserve assistance. Oh, and if you see fins sticking up through the surface of the water - swim faster. :)
  • $100Nathan Stallings
    Thanks for taking on this challenge's important work!!
  • $100Cheryl Davis
  • $25ted & geri ziegler
    to support Ryan and this important cause
  • $100Cory Menke
  • $100Susan and Charlie Marck
    You are an inspiration Ryan. No vet should go homeless. The Hudson River will be your friend.
  • Kelly Joyner
    What a great cause! Go Ryan!
  • $100Billie Jo Voegerl
    What an awesome event and thank you Ryan for supporting our Veterans!! The men and women who fight for our freedoms should never be homeless!
  • $8500.00OFS
    We are blessed to live in a country that provides so much opportunity, but none of that would be possible without the sacrifices of service men and women throughout our history. We are humbled and honored to have one of our own amongst this elite group of warriors fighting to help their brethren make the transition home.
  • $500Scott Tucker
    Colossians 3:23 Go get it! Stoked for ya
  • $100Gary Petertyl
    Perseverance. Conviction. SelfReliance.
  • $5000OFS Board of Directors
    Our brave women and men deserve better than this and we are proud to support this great cause. Let's all do our part to help our brave warriors transition home.
  • Sherry Mason Brown
    Our brave warriors deserve our support for protecting our freedom. Thank you for taking on this challenge.
  • $1000Hank Menke
  • $75.00OFS Credit/Collections Dept
    We are able to live in the land of the free because of these brave men and women. As civilians, we are forever indebted to our veterans for their service. This is a small gesture of our support.
  • $50Janel Levadoux
    Thank you Ryan for your efforts in creating a better life for homeless veterans.
  • Alicia Condie
    Happy to donate to such an honorable cause that is very important and personal for my family and I. Good luck Ryan! Very proud of you :-)
  • John Phillips
    Noble cause. Glad to help in some small way to the amazing Vets with post service struggles. May God be with them.
  • James
  • Lauren Morgan
    Great cause. Go Ryan!!
  • The Heile Family
    Thanks for helping our veterans! Good luck neighbor!
  • $100Ken Schmidt
    The words "Veteran" and "homeless" should never be mentioned in same sentence.
  • Shane Ring
    Great cause. Bring a speargun.
  • $100Office Environments
  • $100Kody & Melody Schurz
    No vet should be homeless! Good luck on such a great mission.
  • Brenda Stallings
    You got this Ryan! Thank you for supporting our veterans who did so much for the freedoms we enjoy!
  • Dick Messerschmidt, Inc.
    Thank you to those that have made the ultimate sacrifices to earn and keep our Freedom. Never Forget.... Honor & Remember....
  • The Becher Family
  • $500Carrie Houchin
    In memory of Kent Fleck of Jasper, IN , whose son is currently. Navy Seal.
  • $250.00Kari Wekluk
    For my Dad, the Marines I knew as a kid, the people visibly suffering, the ones fighting in silence, and everyone touched by this heartache. Thank you, Ryan and Shannon for being the definition of grit and courage.
  • Christina Jameson (Bracco)
    Shark Bait Ooh Ha Ha! Cheering you on from Florida!
  • $200The Rileys and Burnetts
    We are so proud to call Ryan our family! His dedication to this great cause shows his true commitment to our Soldiers and Vets. They are our Heroes and Warriors that make our freedom possible and Ryan is honoring that! We love you! Swim fast Shark Bait!
  • Brian Blessinger
    We need to raise enough money for the coastguard helicopter rescue:). Awesome cause and look I forward to hearing about the event!
  • $500.00Joseph and Karen Pace
    What an amazing cause to donate to! Team shark bait, you got this! Lets end homelessness for the veterans that served our country!
  • $100Charlie & Joyce Vollmer
    A huge commitment for a worthy cause!
  • $100Dennie Long
    Great Cause
  • $100Laura Bush
    Ginger Power Ryan!
  • Source Four Commercial Furniture
    Thank you for making this commitment. Great cause.
  • $1000Matt and Gayle McCormick
  • Chris Mandle
    Go Ryan and Shannon!
  • Vicky Klasing
    Way to go Ryan! Go Team Shark Bait!!
  • $100Cydnee Alvarez
    You got this Ryan! What a great cause and way to support our veterans!
  • Meredith and Ryan Hulse
    My dad is an Army Veteran, 173rd Ariborne in Vietnam. Thank you for raising money to support those who defended our freedom.
  • Beverly Rehkop
    In support of those who protect our freedom. Thank you for your dedication and contribution to this event.
  • $100Susie Stetter
    Best of Luck Ryan - you have my upmost respect and admiration for taking on this task with such a prestigious group of men. Dedication, Determination =Perseverance - Enjoy the journey to the finish line:)
  • $100Char Rheault
    Love supporting a great cause!
  • $500Scott Davis
    Thank you Ryan and Shannon for participating in this very important event. We support our Veteran Community!
  • $100Anonymous Donor
  • Sonya A.
    Go team Shark Bait- HOO HA HA!!
  • $2500TrueScripts Management Services
    Support of Ryan Menke and a great cause!
  • $1000Jim & Nancy Huebner
    Great cause and I didn't want to be out done by Greg Luna.
  • Anna McClelland
    Everyone who serves is a hero to me. Good luck Ryan!
  • Aaron and Gwen Roberts
    You got this Ryan! Proud to be a part company that supports our Veterans. Our Veterans have sacrificed so much for this country and everyone that lives here. We need to do all we can to support and help them get the care and help they need.
  • Franzel Family
    Very appreciative to all those who have served. You got this Ryan!
  • Terry Kivipelto
    Support of Ryan Menke. Thank you to all veterans for your service.
  • $50Mike Uebelhor
    In support of Ryan Menke
  • $100Stewart Brown
    Good Luck Ryan !
  • $100John Rouse
  • Stan Gray
    Good luck Ryan! Make us proud!
  • $100Heather Shoop
    You got this, Ryan! Thanks for highlighting this organization that supports our vets!
  • $25David Lancaster
    Good luck Ryan!
  • $250Ali Oxley
    We are forever grateful for our troops. Go Team Shark Bait!
  • $100Roger Webb
    Supporting Ryan Menke in joining the Navy Seals on the Mission Imposssible.
  • $140Mati & Marty Welp
    Proud of you for stepping up - incredible commitment!
  • $100The Schwartz Family
    Thank you Ryan for raising money and bringing recognition for such a worthy cause. Thank you to all that have served.
  • Scott Hall
    Such a worthy cause. Go team Ryan!
  • $150.00Robert and Emily Duban
    Thanks to all who serve and have served!! Ryan, thank you for doing this (wow) and you got this.
  • $100Randy McClellen
    To support our wonderful veterans and proud association with Ryan and the OFS team.
  • Blue House & Families
    You got this Ryan!
  • $100Robyn Baron
  • $300Mike McFarlane
    Love the cause and the team name. You got this Ryan!
  • $500.00Jack Fetner
    Having had 3 generations of my family serve in the military, I can't think of a more worthy cause. Go get em Ryan.
  • $250Doug Edwards
  • $100Megan & Bryan Plante
    Grateful to all of those then & now who imagine a better place for everyone.
  • Chad Giesler
    We owe our service members past present and future a greater debt than we could ever repay. The freedoms we enjoy in this country are invaluable.
  • $1000Greg Luna
    Thank you to all of the Men and Women who have made ultimate sacrifices for our Country, Our Freedom, our Safety. Thank you Ryan for the Sisu attitude and for taking the time out of your already overwhelming life schedule to train for this event.
  • $200Janet Welsko
    Thank you Ryan for participating in this incredibly important event. in support of our veterans. We could never do enough for them and their families. Thank you, thank you.
  • George Potter
  • $100Patty Streiner
    Thanks for doing this Ryan. Good luck!
  • Brian & Ashley Blessinger
    Go Ryan!
  • Harper family
    We all are blessed people that get the luxury to enjoy freedom as we do because of the sacrifice so many men and women make on a daily basis. Any opportunity to give something back should be embraced to the fullest.
  • $250Janeen Waddell
    Thank you for leading and helping those gave so much for us!
  • $100Jeff Carlson
    Good luck Ryan. This is a very worthwhile cause.
  • $200Sascha and Anne Wagner
    We owe far more than this to those that put themselves in harms way for our freedom.
  • $100Brian & Nancy Graham
    Ryan's commitment to the cause
  • $250.00Andy Anderson
    This is a cause that is very personal to me and getting these soldiers the care they have EARNED is long overdue!
  • $50Tina Brennan
    It's an important cause--helping the brave men and women who have helped us all. Good luck Ryan and Team Shark Bait!
  • $250David Hutton
    As civilian Americans, we enjoy the freedoms we have because somebody else earned that for us. We owe our very freedom and liberty to those who have served our country. Our veterans are the true hero’s and we ALL owe a huge debt of honor to them all. Praise the Lord for our Veterans!
  • $100Sandy Tripp / Nick Tsilibes
    For my Dad’s friends that were not as fortunate
  • Penny Heritage
    No veteran should ever be homeless or struggle with medical care.
  • Ryan Menke
    The least I can do for all those that sacrificed everything so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today.
  • $250James Kerrigan
  • Todd Irwin
    Supporting our veterans and service members is personally important to me.



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