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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jeans for Troops Program?

The Jeans for Troops program is a dress down day that employers hold to benefit the GI Go Fund. Simply put, employers collect $5 donations from employees who would like to participate. Each participating employee is provided with a Jeans for Troops sticker to be worn as they dress down in jeans on Jeans for Troops Day.

When was Jeans for Troops created and who has participated in the past?

Since 2011, we have promoted Jeans for Troops Drives honoring our military men and women all across America. We have had over 5,000 schools, companies, and government agencies participating in the program, including Panasonic, Johnson & Johnson, Realogy, Teleperformance, Paychex, PSEG and more.

How do we register and get involved?

In order to register to be a part of Jeans for Troops Day, employers can simply register online at You will be asked to estimate the number of participants you are expecting so we can send over enough stickers so that anyone who would like to participate has the opportunity to do so.

What type of organization are you? What do the funds go towards?

GI Go Fund is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity. If you need documentation of our Tax Exempt Status, please download our IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter. All funds will go to our organization to further support our mission of helping veterans find employment, go to college, find their benefits, and link to housing assistance. For information about GI Go Fund, please visit our How We Help page and our Newsroom.

I want to register my School or School District. Can students be a part of the Jeans for Troops program?

Encouraging students to participate in Jeans for Troops is purely optional. Some schools in the past have included students and collected anywhere from $1 to $5 from each student. The amount you collect per student is also up to you.

Who do we make the checks or money orders out to and what address do we send the funds to?

Make all funds payable to: GI Go Fund

Send all funds to: GI Go Fund, PO Box 96786, Washington, DC 20090

We did not use all the stickers for our Jeans for Troops Drive. What do we do with the leftover stickers?

You are not required to return leftover stickers. We encourage you to hold onto any excess stickers for future Jeans for Troops Day events.

Where can I find the Program Flyer? What other important program materials are available?

Both the Program Flyer and the Contribution Submission Form which needs to be filled out when mailing your donation to GI Go Fund can be found at the bottom of this page under Materials. If you created a Team Page and did not collect donations made in checks or cash, you can simply submit the Contributions E-Form.

Can we choose the date we host the Jeans for Troops day?

Absolutely! You can indicate when signing up what day you wish to honor our military personnel. You can even generate a customized flyer through your team page that will include your desired date for the event.

I completed my registration online. When will I receive my stickers?

If you are participating in honor of Veterans Day, your Team Kit (which will include your stickers) will be sent out in sometime between September through November. If you are participating in honor of Memorial Day, your team kit will arrive sometime between March through May.  We send you the stickers to give you at least 2 weeks to promote the program and involve your employees and coworkers.

What if I run out of stickers and would like to print my own? Is there a template that I can download to print my own stickers?

Yes, you can download the Stickers PDF file and print them on specific Avery® brand labels that are typically available at your local Staples Office Supply Store. The labels we use are from Staples.

You can also work directly with the Staples Copy and Print Center Associate and have them print the Stickers PDF File on Avery® Self-Adhesive Name Badge Labels, White, 2 1/3" x 3 3/8". You can also order 400-Count Avery Badges to print up to 400 stickers.

We need a signed voucher before we can send or release any funds. Who and where do we send the voucher to and how long does it take for us to receive a signed voucher?

Please address all funds to: The GI Go Fund. The organization's phone number is 1-866-389-GIGo (4446).

There are 3 ways you can submit your vouchers to us:

1. You can email your payment vouchers to:

2. You can also fax them to 202-318-3023

3. You can mail them to the following address: GI Go Fund, PO Box 96786, Washington, DC 20090

Please have clear instructions detailing how the voucher should be returned to you.

Is there a phone or email that I can contact with any questions?

For any questions you can contact a GI Go Representative at 1-(866) 389-GIGo (4446) or

How long do we have after running the program to submit the funds to the organization?

We ask that you submit your funds to the GI Go Fund as soon as possible and within a 30 day period. For schools that process this payment through their local Board of Education or other methods this may take longer. For companies and other organizations, it usually takes less time.

How often do you run the Jeans for Troops program?

We officially hold the Jeans for Troops program 2 times a year honoring both Memorial Day and Veterans Day. We also allow companies and schools to host Jeans for Troops Drives throughout the year and a the date of their choosing, which means you can always show your support for our mission and the veterans we serve!

Should we release this story to the media? Do you provide any materials that we can use to submit this story to the Media?

This is completely optional. We encourage all participants to release their Jeans for Troops participation story to all local, state, and even national media, however this is completely up to your school officials. We can provide participants with a Press Release Template for our Jeans for Troops program to simplify this.



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