august 12, 2013

5th Annual Foodtown Donation Drive for Our Veterans Begins Throughout the Tri-State Region

Stores throughout the area look to add to the over $200,000 raised for the GI Go Fund in the last half decade

Foodtowns across the area will raise funds for the GI Go Fund for the 5th straight year. Last year, this store in North Haledon, NJ raised over $5,300 alone

NEWARK, NJ - Over the past four years, customers of Foodtown Supermarkets across the tri-state region have raised more than $200,000 to support the GI Go Fund. Now entering its 5th year, Foodtown will once again ask its tens of thousands of loyal shoppers to help assist the organization that has helped countless veterans and their families.

Every year, the supermarkets honor the attacks of September 11th by asking them to donate either $1 or $5 at checkout lines to benefit the returning troops that the GI Go Fund aims to serve. Last year’s drive rose over $50,000 for our veterans and their loved ones.

“Foodtown and its customers go above and beyond for our organization every year,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “This drive was one of the original fundraisers for our organization, and it has been instrumental to our growth and success. Without Foodtown, we would not have assisted tens of thousands of veterans find work and access healthcare. Without Foodtown, we would not have developed a smarter government approach to helping veterans in the City of Newark. Without Foodtown, we would not be able to expand into south Jersey to further assist veterans around the Fort Dix region and those whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We are grateful to all of their customers, and thank them for all they have done for our veterans.”

In addition, the drive rewards the cashiers who went above and beyond to encourage customers to support America’s Heroes with prizes. Last year, Doris Yurcho, who had lost her TV and other personal belongings during the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, was awarded a new 42” television for raising the most money among all Foodtown employees.

“I just felt more passionate for this than any other donation drive I’ve been a part of,” said Yurcho when she won last year. “Veterans do so much for us, and I just wanted to help any way I could.”

Foodtown Supermarkets and The GI Go Fund encourage everyone to visit their local Foodtown store and take part in this important event for our veterans.