GI Go Fund Helps Provide Clothes and Toys to Afghan Families Upon Their Arrival to US

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GI Go Fund provides clothes and bags to support refugee families from Afghanistan upon their arrival to JFK Airport before Christmas.

December 20, 2021 -- This weekend was an incredibly unique and amazing experience for our organization. We were so honored and humbled to work with Project Dynamo to provide winter coats, luggage, and clothes to dozens of families from Afghanistan who were forced to leave their homeland after the Taliban took over.

The families arrived at JFK airport in New York City on their way to their new homes throughout the country. They were greeted with open arms by Project Dynamo and other groups with much needed supplies, including our items, boxes of essential toiletries from our friends at Backpacks For Life, and dozens of great toys from Toys For Tots.

"It was an incredibly special event to be a part of, especially for our organization," said Jack Fanous "As myself and by cofounder/brother James are the children of immigrants who also came to the United States under religious persecution, we have a unique understanding of the beauty of our great country and the blessing of being Americans. We are so honored to support these families, and we are thrilled to tell them the three best words a person can ever hear, 'Welcome to America!'" 

To learn more about these families and their amazing story, continue reading on the NY Post.