September 25, 2014

Annual Foodtown Donation Drive Raises Over $51,000 for Military Veterans

Funds raised during month-long drive among the highest in the history of the program; Proceeds will go to help veterans find jobs and connect to health care services.

Foodtowns across the area will raise funds for the GI Go Fund for the 5th strait year. Last year, this store in North Haledon, NJ raised over $5,000 alone.

NEWARK, NJ - Every year, Foodtown Supermarkets from across the tristate region honor the attacks of September 11th by asking them to donate either $1 or $5 at checkout lines to benefit the returning troops that the GI Go Fund aims to serve. And every year, these donations have an immeasurable impact on the men and women who served our country that need it most.

Now, as the program has reached its conclusion, Foodtown customers have once again gone above and beyond to make a lasting impact on the lives of our veterans.

More than $51,000 in funds were raised at supermarkets in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania during the months of August and September, with all proceeds going to benefit the GI Go Fund and the veterans that it aims to serve.

Over the past six years, customers of Foodtown Supermarkets across the tristate region have raised nearly $300,000 to support the GI Go Fund. The money raised during 2014 is the second highest total in the history of the program with Foodtown Supermarkets.

“Foodtown and its customers go above and beyond for our organization every year,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “This drive was one of the original fundraisers for our organization, and it has been instrumental to our growth and success. Without Foodtown, we would not have assisted tens of thousands of veterans find work and access healthcare. Without Foodtown, we would not have developed a smart approach to helping veterans in the City of Newark. Without Foodtown, we would not be able to expand into south Jersey to further assist veterans around the Fort Dix region and those whose lives were devastated by Hurricane Sandy. We are grateful to all of their customers, and thank them for all they have done for our veterans.”

The GI Go Fund will use funds raised in the drive to implement new and effective ways of helping veterans find employment and training opportunities, as well as expand health care benefits and services to veterans in need, and help former military personnel suffering with housing issues find a place they can call home.