october 10, 2010

Foodtown Supermarkets Raise Tens of Thousands for Veterans

Record-Breaking donation drive to assist returning soldiers

FORDS, NJ - Foodtown Supermarkets announced that their stores have raised tens of thousands of dollars in support for the men and women in uniform returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

All proceeds of the donation drive went to The G.I. Go Fund, a non-profit organization that assists veterans with their employment, benefits, and educational needs as they transition back to civilian life.

During the months of August and September, patrons of Foodtown had the opportunity to donate one dollar or more at checkout lines to benefit the soldiers that The G.I. Go Fund aims to serve. In addition, donation cards were displayed with the names of customers and loved ones throughout individual Foodtown storefronts to show further support of our troops.

When speaking with Foodtown CEO Bill Donahoe he stated that, “We look for causes that we feel are worthwhile,” he added “We really wanted to get out there and ask the customers to remember who’s allowing them to be free.”

Representatives of the G.I. Go Fund attended the Foodtown Supermarkets in Manalapan and Neptune City, New Jersey to present prizes to Alice McCobb and Helen Brennen, the top two cashiers who raised the most money among all Foodtown employees. The two were presented with a 50’’ flat-screen television for first place and a Dell computer for second place.

McCobb, the top earner, raised almost $1,300 during the drive. She stated that her dedication to this cause motivated her to raise as much money as she did.

“I just felt more passionate for this than any other donation drive we do,” said McCobb. “Veterans sacrifice their life for us, and unfortunately some of them didn’t make it. So I just wanted to help any way I could.”