june 1, 2012

GI Go Fund and Mayor Cory Booker to announce the Nationwide Launch of “Midnight Missions” for Homeless Veterans

Innovative program will reach out to veterans in several major cities before dawn who live at train stations and other areas to provide critical services that will help get them off the streets

Ben Jones, a vet living in Newark’s Penn Station, provides information to volunteers during a GI Go “Midnight Mission” to be connected to critical VA benefits and housing opportunities.

NEWARK, NJ - The GI Go Fund and Mayor Cory A. Booker will announce this Sunday, June 3rd, at 9pm that they will conduct nationwide “Midnight Missions” for homeless veterans, a comprehensive effort spreading through several major cities that will provide veterans who have the misfortune of living on the streets with critical services that will help them find a home.

“Midnight Missions” involve scores of GI Go volunteers going out at 4am to areas densely populated with homeless veterans to connect them to emergency medical assistance and begin the process of helping them find housing options. Their work, which has taken them to Newark Penn Station, as well as Newark Liberty International Airport, will be highlighted by the upcoming Season Premiere of ABC’s “Secret Millionaire”.

“Mayor Booker and I are proud that we have established the 21st century model to assist veterans,” said Fanous. “We wanted to be bold; tackling veteran homelessness through a hands-on approach that would make a difference in their lives. After three years, we have identified what works and what doesn’t, and now we are ready to share it with the rest of the country.”

This successful model that has been established by GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous and Mayor Cory Booker in the city of Newark will now be spread to other cities with high levels of veteran homelessness. This Sunday at the Hilton Newark Penn Station, immediately prior to a special screening of the episode, the two will announce that they will conduct Midnight Missions in the coming weeks in the cities of Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC.

The upcoming “Midnight Missions” will feature volunteers riding the train from city to city to reach out and assist these veterans from the moment they get off the car and onto the platform.

The GI Go Fund feels that they must bring the successful model of assisting veterans that they established in Newark to homeless veterans across the country, as they look to turn the goal set out by the VA and President Obama of ending homelessness among veterans in five years into a reality. The GI Go Fund has accepted the challenge of developing a 21st century plan of tackling the problem of veteran homelessness, and with the help of people like Scott Jacobs and thousands of supporters like him, veteran homelessness will become a thing of the past.