October 29, 2010

GI Go Fund and Prudential Financial host Resume Workshop for Veterans

Launch of new program to assist veterans with translating their military experience

Headed by Prudential Vice President Richard Kinville and HR Rep Toni McDaniel, veterans learn how to translate their military skills onto a concise resume and learn how to promote themselves as valuable candidates for employers in all sectors.

Newark, NJ - The GI Go Fund and Prudential Financial hosted a Resume Writing and Interview Workshop for veterans to assist them in their efforts to find long term, gainful employment.

Held in the Prudential Building in Newark, New Jersey, veterans were provided training and education on the key components of an attractive resume and how to market themselves to prospective employers. Each former soldier also had an intensive one on one counseling session with resume experts who worked with the veterans to identify their personal narrative and the unique set of skills obtained in the military.

The program is specifically designed to assist veterans in translating those military skills into resume-style experiences that an employer would find beneficial to their company. Today’s program was the first of a two day workshop, with the second day to be held on Veterans Day, November 11th, 2010.

“When veterans have the opportunity to identify the extreme value of their military service and can then explain to a prospective employer how that may benefit their company, our veterans can now finally be equipped to find long term, secure employment,” said GI Go Fund Deputy Director Alexander Manis.

“I think it’s exciting to have Prudential join forces with the GI Go Fund, an organization which I know from personal experience cares about us as veterans,” said Efrain Mercado, a former Army soldier who attended the program. “Today’s program was a big help and I think they have something dynamic here, can’t wait to see what they come up with for us in the future.”

The program was led by Richard Kinville, a Vice President of Prudential and a military veteran, who went step by step with the veterans in attendance discussing what they must do to write an effective resume.