May 12, 2020

GI Go Fund, Gantcher Family Foundation and JobPath Announce Partnership To Connect Veterans in NYC With Critical Jobs to Respond to COVID-19 Crisis

Online platform "Empire Vets" will help connect highly skilled veterans to jobs in New York City to meet the sudden demand for emergency services created by the coronavirus pandemic; The platform is powered by JobPath’s robust hiring engine that offers multiple tools to employers and veterans across the country

GI Go Fund’s is proud to announce the launch of Empire Vets a pilot program with the Gantcher Family Foundation and JobPath to help employers throughout the NYC area connect to highly skilled veteran candidates capable of filling critical roles to meet the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic.

The program is aimed at addressing the immediate needs of employers responding to the COVID-19 crisis and the difficult rebuilding tasks that require the skills of former military personnel. Our veterans have responded to disasters around the world, working in the most adverse conditions with the calm professionalism New York City needs at this time. They also have experience rebuilding across the world in war torn areas, as well as here at home following disasters, and they will be called upon here in New York City to provide a quick rapid response in rebuilding our city.

Employers will utilize the GI Go Fund’s “Empire Vets” online platform, which is aimed at addressing the needs of the greater New York City area. This system is powered by the generous donation of JobPath’s robust veteran hiring software that offers employers job posting, candidate searching, candidate matching, and military skills translations.

Moreover, Empire Vets offers a strong Leadership Committee comprised of veterans and allies across industries and organizations throughout New York. Members of this Committee, including JP Morgan, CBS, NYU, Prudential, and others recently met to discuss the launch of this platform and how best to collaborate together moving forward to help veterans in the area with transition, networking and employment under the current climate.

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