December 17, 2018

GI Go Fund Honors Community leaders at NJPAC during holiday themed Veterans Networking Gala

Annual Gala sponsored by PSEG and others in Newark, NJ honored great leaders in the Veteran Community

Col. Jeff Cantor accepting the 2018 Seth Dvorin Veteran of the Year Award

NEWARK, NJ - The GI Go Fund hosted its holiday-themed Veterans Networking Gala at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) where PSEG, Panasonic, Prudential, Kessler Foundation and over 200 military personnel, veterans, and their loved ones for the premiere Veterans event in New Jersey to honor the individuals and organizations that have made it a priority to ensure that our veterans not only return home with honor and pride, but are regarded as some of the most important and valuable members of our society.

Chief among these honorees was Jeff Cantor, founder of the New Jersey Veteran Chamber of Commerce. Constantine was awarded the Seth Dvorin Veteran of the Year Award for organizing and launching the New Jersey Veterans Chamber of Commerce, which will bring countless veteran-owned businesses together to cultivate relationships with many Jersey-based corporations. In addition, Jeff has set bold prerogatives and changed how New Jersey residents think about supporting military veterans in his time as the Director of Economic Development, Veteran Business Support, and Legislative Outreach at New Jersey Department of Veterans Affairs (NJDMAVA).

In addition, Boris Kizenco of Holmdel High School was awarded the Jackson Drysdale Civilian of the Year Award for working in his school and with students across the nation to support veterans. He is president of an organization called AMSG, the American Military Support Group, at his school that is dedicated to this goal. Working in conjunction with fellow students, AMSG has been able to recruit over 40 students in its first location in Holmdel, and is recruiting actively nationwide to get more students involved with supporting veterans.

The award is named after Jackson Drysdale, the son of PSEG Senior Executive Diana Drysdale, who became a passionate supporter and volunteer of GI Go Fund and our efforts with homeless veterans at the age of 11. His love of our organization inspired his mother and countless others to get involved with our work and help military families in need.

The Jackson Drysdale award carries special meaning this year, as GI Go Fund successfully launched its Jackson Drysdale Veterans Center in Newark earlier in December. This revolutionary space provides veterans with job training and mentorship support, as well as the state’s first veteran incubator for veteran entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

The gala was sponsored by PSEG, Stop & Shop, and JobPath. We thank all of our honorees for all that they do for veterans, and we hope others will follow in their footsteps in the coming year.