December 2, 2020

Pete Badaway, an Iraq War Army veteran and Bronze star recipient and one of the Veteran Entrepreneurs part of GI Go Fund’s Award Winning Veteran Incubator in Newark, NJ, showcases his company on the season premiere of ABC’s “Shark Tank”

Army veteran Pete Badaway and his wife Bianca created an innovative product called GarmaGuard that cleanses and sanitizes clothing in 2017; Couple’s company became part of GI Go Fund’s incubator in 2019 for help with growing their business and obtaining needed certifications from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Company has since sold nearly $500,000 worth of their product, and are in line to receive official certification from the FDA that their spray kills bacteria, including the coronavirus

Army Veteran and Bronze Star recipient Pete Badaway and his wife Bianca showcasing their company GarmaGuard on ABC's Shark Tank!

(Newark, NJ) The Jackson Drysdale Veterans Center opened up its doors officially in December 2018, but the space has had an incredible impact on the lives of so many veterans seeking to grow their start-up businesses or enhance career skills. Now, it is proud to have one of its veteran entrepreneurs showcase their company on the most popular business program in the United States.

GarmaGuard, an innovative product that cleanses and sanitizes clothing, was featured on the season premiere of ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

The company was started by retired Army Sergeant Pete Badaway and his wife Bianca, a registered Nurse. Pete was deployed to Iraq from 2006-07, where he was awarded the Bronze Star for his service. Pete came home in 2011 and has served as a detective in a New Jersey Police Department while founding his company.

Working as first responders, they would go to answer calls for aid or enter room after room of sick patients in a hospital. At the end of these long days, the couple always struggled with getting rid of germs that made their way onto their clothes before entering their own home. After not finding a solution, they decided to invent it.

The couple created GarmaGuard in 2017, the very first all-organic, non-GMO garment and fabric cleanser. While there are other fresheners in the market, these products only trap and mask unwanted molecules. GarmaGuard is a product, which due to its active ingredient of citric acid, attacks the odor at its source and effectively cleans and disinfects the items of clothing. GarmaGaurd is vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable, with no abrasive chemicals added to it. Just one quick spray and you are good to go.

Pete’s company became part of the GI Go incubator in 2019 to grow their brand and take advantage of our unique suite of services that help accelerate existing businesses to the next level. The company has since sold nearly $500,000 worth of their product, and are in line to receive official certification from the FDA that their spray kills bacteria, including coronavirus.

I am so proud of Pete and Bianca”, said GI Go CEO Jack Fanous. “GarmaGuard was already a huge success before they joined the incubator, we really are here to support this incredible Military Family as they continue to grow the business they built together”

Shark Tank's Laurie Greiner listens to GarmaGuard's pitch

During the program, the panel of sharks held out for the best interest of the company, noting that their strong sales, high profit margins, and momentum were enough for them to succeed without an investor. Since appearing on the show, they have seen an enormous spike in sales, and have reached nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram.

“Pete and Bianca never needed help starting their business or even growing their business” Fanous continued. “But just like the other businesses that have joined the incubator like Sunga Life, Ironbound Boxing, and the Constantine Group, we provide exceptional entrepreneurs the tools they need to achieve their big goals!”

The Jackson Drysdale Veterans Center is the first and only space in the state of New Jersey dedicated to helping veterans with employment and entrepreneurship. Thanks to terrific partners at Prudential, Panasonic, and the Kessler Foundation, this groundbreaking new space includes a veteran incubator that works with veterans with small businesses and brings them into our customized space designed to give them the resources they need, including support with marketing, accounting, and compliance related issues.

The center’s incubator space has achieved tremendous success in 2020 during the pandemic, assisting new and existing veteran entrepreneurs with direct support to help get them through the pandemic. Our efforts have been recognized through the partnership of several new grantees, including the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and Columbia Bank.

Most notably, Fisher House Foundation, Military Times, and Newman’s Own announced the GI Go Fund as the top winner of 2020 Newman’s Own Awards for our work in the Center. The awards are given six non-profit organizations supporting veterans, military service members, and their families. As the top prize winner, GI Go Fund received a $50,000 grant.

We want to congratulate Pete and Bianca on this terrific achievement. To find out more about their terrific product, visit