May 11, 2013

GI Go Fund partners with Ernst & Young and Johnson & Johnson Staff to Help Mentor Veterans into Finding Employment

Corporate Mentors from companies work with military veterans to improve their employment skills in the heart of Manhattan

Veterans from Ernst & Young speak to young vets looking for resume writing and job-hunting assistance during a workshop break-out session at their headquarters.

MANHATTAN, NY - Late in March, employees from Johnson & Johnson and Ernst & Young held a resume writing and skills workshop for veterans, working with the GI Go Fund to assist over 30 vets looking to hone their skills. Now, over 50 veterans took advantage of this unique chance to receive resume-writing job hunting assistance from fellow veterans who now hold high level corporate positions at Ernst & Young and Johnson & Johnson at the second Military Veterans Career Transition and Skills Development Workshop, this time at the Ernst & Young main facilities in the heart of Times Square.

This next workshop once again gave veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan an opportunity to meet with fellow veterans who serve in management positions at each of these companies to learn more about finding employment. The workshop showed veterans how they can translate their military experience into a civilian career, provided assistance with veterans looking to improve their resumes, and gave veterans the chance to share their transition stories with other veterans who have successfully transferred their military background into steady employment.

Mark Pollard, a Marine Veteran who attended the first event in March, helped recruit veterans to attend this particular workshop in Times Square. He felt that there was a lot of information that veterans could benefit from at this event.

"They really gave good advice," he said. "It wasn't things that come easy to everyone. They had a lot of tips for finding a job that would be useful to veterans and civilians, but they gave vets particularly useful advice on how to dress and the right things to say. And it is especially good since it was all coming from another vet whose been there like you and succeeded; you know he or she is giving the right info."

Recent unemployment reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Post 9/11 era veterans are currently suffering from an unemployment rate of over 9%, almost two points higher than the national average. Opportunities are available for veterans to connect to solid employment opportunities with employers willing to step up, including the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits, which will provide a tax credit of up to $9,600 to employers who hire veterans.

The GI Go Fund is committed to linking veterans to the best employment opportunities and support to find them a steady, solid career. Workshops like these have been a staple of the organization’s efforts to help veterans better prepare for the job hunt, working with corporate leaders like Johnson & Johnson, PSEG, and Ernst & Young to provide resume writing and job interview assistance to young vets transitioning home, and will continue to hold these workshops numerous times throughout the year.

“We are very excited to have the chance to give these veterans the tools they need from the best of the best,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “Our priority is finding veterans smarter jobs for the new age economy, and there is no greater way than to work with smarter companies like Johnson & Johnson that lead the way in both hiring veterans and creating 21st century employment opportunities. We want to make sure we not only help veterans translate their skills, but do so in a way that will attract them to the top companies, and we will continue to find new pathways to get veterans into the jobs of the next generation.”