March 3, 2021

GI Go Fund Provides Over $10,000 In Shoprite Gift Cards To Over 100 Veterans Struggling With Hunger During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Gift cards provided in partnership with Bob Woodruff Foundation and Soldier On to needy veterans living in temporary housing in the NY/NJ area.

The COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking economic havoc on millions of families nationwide, especially among military veterans. Our office has fielded a 500% increase in requests for services from veterans struggling with unemployment and housing.

That is why that, in addition to supporting veterans with employment training, mentorship, and links to housing, we are combating veteran poverty through clothing deliveries and gift cards at local supermarkets.

In partnership with the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Soldier On, we provided 105 needy veterans living in temporary housing with $100 gift cards to local Shoprite Supermarkets. The veterans we served are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and these funds go a long way to provide them with groceries at a time when it is challenging to get support from food banks and soup kitchens.

“We are grateful to partner with Bob Woodruff Foundation and Soldier On to support homeless veterans in desperate need of support with these ShopRite gift cards,” said GI Go CEO Jack Fanous. “Many people focus their attention regarding the pandemic on when it will end and allow us to get back to normal. But the truth is that so many veterans, as well as other Americans, have been devastated by this pandemic on an economic level, with millions losing their livelihoods and homes. For them, return to normal involves just finding a home for their loved ones. We are glad to help these veterans in this most desperate time, but we know that our job is far from over for our veteran community in need.”

In addition to the gift cards, we have provided hundreds of veterans with tens of thousands in emergency financial aid and clothing deliveries during the last several months during the pandemic. During the holiday season and Veterans Day of 2020, we delivered care packages filled with clothes and essential items to homeless and at-risk veterans throughout New York and New Jersey. Working with our partners at Soldier On, we were able to provide dozens of veterans staying in motels until they can be set up in permanent housing with emergency items, as well as support from our trained staff, to help them find employment and get the care they deserve. We also were able to provide supplies to Community Hope to help their veterans as well.

We unfortunately anticipate the need to provide veterans with these services over the next few months as the pandemic wears on. However, we are prepared to tackle this challenge to ensure that our veterans are able to provide for their loved ones.