May 26, 2015

GI Go Fund's Jeans For Troops Day Reaches New Heights In The Mile-High City Supporting Local Veterans

Organization travels to Denver to thank schools for Jeans For Troops fundraising; announces proceeds to benefit V.F.W. Post revitalization program to be funded by Jeans For Troops proceeds

Members of Liberty Middle School in Aurora, CO were joined by GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous and Deputy Director Alex Manis to recognize Jeans for Troops and show support to the VFW Post 1 with a check for $10,000.

DENVER, CO - Following the enormous success of The GI Go Fund's Jeans For Troops Day on May 21, GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous and fellow GI Go Fund co-founders visited a Colorado middle school and the nation's first Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post to recognize efforts throughout the nation in the fundraising drive, and highlight the organization's initiative to use Jeans For Troops Day proceeds in the areas where they were raised.

On the GI Go Fund's Colorado itinerary was Liberty Middle School in Aurora - one of many schools throughout the country that participated in Jeans For Troops Day - and VFW Post 1, where Fanous announced a donation of $10,000 to support the post's revitalization.

"This year's Memorial Day Jeans For Troops effort was an enormous success and it is thanks to the efforts of schools like Liberty Middle School who rallied their communities and came through for the men and women who have served in our nation's military," said Fanous. "Thanks to the hard work of people supporting our veterans around the nation, The GI Go Fund is on track to have a record five million people to participate in this year's Jeans For Troops efforts. That level of participation will translate into The GI Go Fund being able to do even more in helping veterans and their families."

Jack Fanous and Alexander Manis present $10,000 check to Michael Mitchell, commander of VFW Post 1

Post Commander Michael Mitchell gave a tour of the newly refurbished John S. Stewart VFW Post 1. Founded in 1899 - before the national VFW was founded - Post 1 is currently revamping its facilities to become a full service Veterans Center. The renovations will offer its more than 1100 members an employment assistance center, office space, post-traumatic stress support, and an art gallery where veterans can display and sell their work.

"This post is not our grandfathers' VFW post," said Fanous. "While it is committed to serving all United States veterans, it is much more aligned with the wants and needs of today's veterans who live in the surrounding community. At the same time, this new VFW post means so much more to the people of Denver than simply a hall to rent for special occasions. With installations and galleries of veterans' artwork, and special programs and events open to the public, this VFW post is best positioned to bring veterans together with civilians, rather than cloister veterans away from them."

The GI Go Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization that provides assistance to all military veterans, with a focus on veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, by helping them find employment, access housing and secure their education and health benefits. Through an innovative partnership with the City of Newark, The GI Go Fund has created an historic program and has become one of the leaders in the veterans community through creating innovative, 21st century solutions to help veterans.