november 9, 2011

Greater Media Newspapers Hosts “Hire A Veteran” Job Fair to Help Returning Military Members Find Work

Dozens of employers on hand to offer job opportunities to veterans

The "Hire a Veteran" Job Fair, hosted by Greater Media, featured over 40 companies and several dozen veterans looking to find work.

HOLMDEL, NJ - As our men and women begin their return home from Iraq following President Obama’s announcement that all forces will be removed by the end of the year, many New Jersey veterans are returning to a very difficult job market. According to the latest statistics, veterans face an unemployment rate of over 12%, and veterans under the age of 24 are jobless at an astronomical 30%.

Working to curb this disturbing trend, Greater Media Newspapers, in partnership with Dr. Ronen Rotem, a Dentist with a practice in Toms River, hosted the “Hire a Veteran” Job Fair, at the PNC Reception Center in Holmdel. The job fair featured over 40 companies actively seeking to hire veterans met with over 100 former military personnel as they searched to find gainful employment.

“They are highly qualified, well-disciplined and they need places to work,” said Dr. Rotem’s wife Janett, who served for 25years in the Army National Guard and Air National Guard.

“We always look to give back to the community, what better way to do that then to get them hired?” said Nancy McKinley, Station Manager of Greater Media’s WMTR-WDHA Radio. “We want veterans to know that there are jobs out there, and that there are employers looking to hire veterans, and that when they come back home, they will be able to provide for their families.”

All proceeds from the event went to benefit The GI Go Fund in their continuing efforts to help all veterans find work upon returning home from combat.

“We are all extremely proud to have all these companies here actively seeking to hire veterans,” said GI Go Fund Deputy Director Alexander Manis. “Our job is to connect veterans with employment opportunities, but it takes a company who understands the value of a hard working veteran in order to help get veterans hired. We are grateful that these companies showed their dedication to our military today, and look forward to more companies following suit.”

The GI Go Fund would like to thank Greater Media Newspapers, Dr. Ronen Rotem, All American Ford, Carrier Clinic, and all the companies who attended the event for their strong efforts in hiring our returning veterans.