November 6, 2013

Hundreds of Thousands of Teachers and Employees from Across America Wear Jeans for Troops in Honor of Veterans Day

Over 1,100 Companies and Schools from coast to coast repeat their great support efforts on Memorial Day by raising funds for the GI Go Fund

Teachers from coast to coast participate in Jeans for Troops program in honor of Veterans Day and the men and women of our Armed Forces.

WASHINGTON, DC - This past Memorial Day, nearly 140,000 employees and teachers from states across the country broke fundraising records by participating in the “Jeans for Troops” fundraising drive in honor of Memorial Day, setting the standard for supporting the military and its members as they return home.

Now, just six months later, the bar has been raised once more.

Over 200,000 workers from across America joined in on "Jeans for Troops" Day on November 6, 2013 to honor Veterans Day. The proceeds help raise funds for the GI Go Fund to support their mission of assisting veterans and their families.

On Jeans for Troops Day, employers allow their members to wear jeans to work for a $5 donation to help the organization in its work helping veterans finding employment and educational opportunities, homelessness assistance, and connections to critical benefits.

"Our Memorial Day drive had exceeded all expectations," said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. "I was so impressed at how the community of GI Go supporters has grown. And now, with more than 500,000 people having participated in the program since it began just two short years ago, I can say how incredibly proud with how our country's teachers and employees have displayed such fervent patriotism and love for their veterans. "

The GI Go Fund is an organization on the cutting edge in providing support to veterans, providing veterans with innovative ways of finding employment, securing their educational and health benefits, as well as providing aid and assistance to low income and homeless veterans. From working to make the newest class of Firefighters in a city to feature all veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to working with the VA to prevent a veteran who requested assistance via Twitter as he was losing his home, the GI Go Fund has changed the way veterans receive the support they need. Their approach to assisting veterans has been featured on several nationwide media outlets, including Fox News, the Associated Press, and on the ABC reality series “Secret Millionaire”, which highlighted the group’s efforts with homeless veterans.

In addition, the organization has done tremendous work for veterans who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, providing rapid response to victims of the storm by delivering thousands of blankets and needed clothing and other supplies to shelters across the region, as well as bringing Emergency Financial

Assistance and Toys for the Holidays for the thousands of Veterans devastated by the storm in the months that followed.

The “Jeans for Troops” Drive occurs twice a year during the Memorial and Veterans Day holidays to help the veterans returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as veterans from all conflicts. The next Jeans for Troops Day will be held in May of 2014, just months before the end of combat operations in Afghanistan. On behalf of the GI Go Fund, we thank all of the teachers and employees who have participated and donated to us during this drive, and look forward to your continued support as we get set to welcome all of our Post 9/11 combat veterans home.