November 7, 2016

Jeans For Troops Day in Honor of Veterans Day A Huge Success for our Veterans

Employees at Schools, Companies, and Government Agencies all across America honored our men and women in uniform during nationwide dress down day

Edgar Miller Elementary in Merrillville, IN participating in Jeans for Troops in honor of Veterans Day

NEWARK, NJ--Hundreds of thousands of Americans from coast to coast worked to help their fellow troops and their families by participating in the GI Go Fund's Jeans For Troops fundraising drive. Schools, companies, and government agencies from all across America took part in a nationwide movement to support returning veterans this Veterans Day and help them get the assistance they need as they come home.

During the “Jeans for Troops” program, schools, companies, and all other employers that choose to participate allowed their employees to wear jeans to work on November 7th in exchange for a $5 donation to the GI Go Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting all veterans with their needs upon their return home from combat.

The GI Go Fund is an organization on the cutting edge of offering support to veterans, providing veterans with innovative ways of finding employment, securing their educational and health benefits, as well as providing aid and assistance to low income and homeless veterans. Since their founding, the organization has helped tens of thousands of veterans improve their lives and give them the capacity to provide and care for their loved ones.

“I am continuously amazed by the outpour of support we receive during every Jeans for Troops Drive,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “All of the participants have been incredible, showing how much the men and women of our military mean to them and how much they want to support them when they face tough times. I am honored that they choose to show their dedication and gratitude by supporting our cause, and we hope to make both the participants and our veterans proud.”

The organization is committed to providing support to veterans from all across America, and is committed to taking funds raised in local communities and directing them to supporting veterans in their area and across the country.

The organization would like to thank all of the employees from across the United States for making a difference this Veterans Day. Your efforts will likely surpass any that we have seen since the drive started over five years ago, and we will be able to achieve great things for our veterans thanks to your support!