April 11, 2014

Toms River North High School in New Jersey Kicks Off the National Jeans for Troops Program

School is first of thousands to honor our military and those who served by wearing Jeans to Work for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday; Proceeds from the event go to benefit the GI Go Fund, which in turn dedicated it to supporting local military veterans in Ocean County

Teachers and staff of the Toms River North HS were joined by GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous, Deputy Director Alex Manis, and Ocean County Veterans Services Bureau Director John Dorrity for their Jeans for Troops Day

TOMS RIVER, NJ - Toms River North High School became the first school in the country this year to participate in the Jeans for Troops program honoring the men and women who served our military as we approach the Memorial Day holiday.

Teachers and faculty members showed their love and support for our men and women in uniform by wearing Jeans to work after making a $5 donation to help returning military veterans. The staff at the school was successful in raising over $220 from their school alone.

The drive was held to benefit the GI Go Fund, a non-profit organization helping veterans find jobs and access healthcare. The group dedicated the funds to the local veterans in Ocean County, many of whom are still reeling from the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy.

“I am so happy to be starting this program here in Toms River,” said GI Go Fund Executive Director Jack Fanous. “Every Jeans for Troops Drive features hundreds of thousands of employees from New Jersey to Missouri to California showing their love and appreciation for our military. But to see it first-hand here today from these great teachers in Toms River North is truly special. The staff and administration here at this school are extremely patriotic and proud to support our veterans, and their gratitude will go a long way towards helping the local veterans.”

During the event, both Fanous and Ocean County Veterans Services Bureau John Dorrity were on hand to thank the teachers and faculty participating in the event and let them know how they are helping local veterans.

“It was a great honor to be here,” said John Dorrity, who is also District Commander of the VFW in Ocean County. “I know how much the people of Toms River care about their veterans, and so I wanted to be here to show them exactly what their generosity will go to. The GI Go Fund has been there for our veterans here in this county, as well as every county in America. When we needed funds after we were hit by Sandy, this organization was right their giving out thousands in gift cards and emergency supplies. They are a great organization, and I wanted the people of this school and this community to know what a great cause they are supporting.”

The drive is held twice a year across the country to honor both Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and has had over 500,000 employees from private organizations as well as public schools and agencies lending their support to our military men and women. This year’s drive will be held by most schools in the country on May 22nd, and is anticipated to have thousands of businesses and schools participating in the program.