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Future of Nonprofit Services and the Need for Technology Solutions Like Mission+ featured on "Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership" Podcast

jobpathsmissionplusmissionmission+gi go fundjack fanous Patton McDowellnonprofit technologyfundraising technologyfundraising softwarenonprofit service

Jack Fanous, founder and leader of tech firm JobPaths and nonprofit group GI Go Fund, shares how technology can both increase charitable fundraising and better connect the nonprofits' missions with those they serve.

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Understanding Inflation and its Impact on Communities: How Technology is Helping Nonprofits Address Struggles and Support Those in Need

inflationeconomycommunity strugglestech solutionsfinancial crisiseconomic downturnnonprofits leveraging technologySource AmericaGI Go FundHelmets to HardhatsMission+missionplusjobpaths

Exploring the challenges nonprofits face to meet the growing economic struggles caused by inflation, and what some are doing to support their clients during this economic downturn, including through JobPaths fully customizable solutions or its new, out-of-the-box Mission+ software.

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