Red, White, and Blue
Why are millions of Americans wearing Patriotic Colors to support our cause?

Giving Back To Those Who Gave So Much

Since 2011, patriotic Americans from coast to coast have held a simple fundraiser at their office or school that has had an enormous impact on the lives of military veterans and their families. Thanks to the millions of supporters of our cause throughout the United States, we have been able to provide tens of thousands of dollars in financial assistance to veteran families in need. We have helped veterans find employment and go back to school. We have improved the lives of military members and their loved ones all across America, and it all starts with wearing Red, White, and Blue!

Bring A Little Joy To Your Work Day

Helping our military veterans and their families could not be simpler! With just a simple donation, you can join the millions of supporters participating in Red, White, and Blue across the country.

To get started, simply sign up and create a customizable Team Page, which will allow you to set a fundraising goal and share with your friends and coworkers. Then, on the designated Red, White, and Blue Day, you and your fellow participants can wear patriotic colors to work or while you work from home. You can share your team's support with us on social media. You can even change the date of your Red, White, and Blue Day to match your company's schedule. Whether you are a local school with a handful of teachers or a large business with thousands of employees, there is no better program to support our military veterans and their families at work than this!

Your Contribution can Make A Difference!

Make no mistake - an act as simple as wearing denim to work can have an incredible impact on the life of a military veteran. If that veteran is one of the millions facing homelessness, your participation in Red, White, and Blue will help us in our fight to get them back on their feet. We have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build homes for veterans and their loved ones, as well as provided tens of thousands in direct financial support to clients from New Jersey to California to help them provide for their loved ones in times of great need.