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Palmyra-Eagle Area School District is dedicated to helping the veteran community. With our team of 50, we hope to raise $1000 for the GI Go Fund. To be a part of this drive and honor our troops, simply donate $5 or more to GI Go Fund and wear jeans to work along with your program sticker on Jeans for Troops Day!

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November 8th, 2017

Recent Donations

  • Sarah Mickelson
  • Shelby Nickels
  • Carrie Dampier
    In memory and honor of my grandpa, Franklin Henry "Sam" Dampier Sr., WWII
  • Kamala Bayley
  • Kathy Baker
    In honor of my husband, son and too many relatives and friends to list. Thank you.
  • Melissa J.
  • $25Amy Muth
    In honor of my grandfather, Russell Stewart Pelton, II who served in the Korean War as a doctor.
  • Barb Jermyn
    In honor of my grandfather who served in WWI; my 2 uncles who served in WWII; and all the current troops here and abroad!!!
  • Beth Hemmer
  • Amanda Jones
    Both of my grandpa(s) served in the military and faced tremendous challenges. I want to give toward other veterans to honor our troops
  • $10.00Randy Martinson
    In honor of my father and his three brothers who served in combat during WW11 and came back home.
  • $25Tina Heizman
    Thank you to all the troops past, present and future, including my dad, husband, father-in-law, brother-in-law, nephew, and cousins.
  • Ann Popp
    In memory of my dad and my father in law, WW2 vets.
  • Lauren Krage
  • Sarah Toellner
  • Mary Kutz
    My father was in the Army and was killed in Vietnam. I would like to honor those who make huge sacrifices to serve our country.
  • $20Mary Ann Pronschinske
    For my brother who gave the ultimate sacrifice and my dad who fought in WW2. And all others who continue to sacrifice.
  • Steven Bloom
    In recognition of all who have served our country.
  • $10Vic Boos
    For all service members past and present
  • Kathy Retzke
    In honor of all those that protect our freedoms and those in my family that have served.
  • Barbara Stachowski
  • Sarah Holland
  • Mark Valdovinos
  • Patrick Keelty
    Thank you to all the troops past, present and future!
  • Linda Wallace
    In honor of my father who served 24 years in the US Air Force.
  • $10Tammy Anderson
  • Katy Engh
    In honor of all who have served, especially my grandpa.
  • Lee Wurzbach
    In memory of my dad a WWII vet, and in honor of my nephew in the Air Force.
  • Gabriela Waite
  • Steve Armin
  • Maria Schmidt
  • Matt Stich
  • Sara Scheel
    In honor of all troops, past and present, and the sacrifices they have made and continue to make.
  • Nancy Aranda
  • Sue Fischer
    To support all troops
  • Gisele Laine
  • Sharon Llanas
    In honor of my granddaughter in the Air Force
  • Patrick Foley
  • Kari Timm



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