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2022 Navy SEAL Hudson River Swim

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Courtney Sanderson donated $100

6/30/2022, 4:36:28 PM

"WOW ROUND 2! Dad, you have no idea how proud I am of you for accomplishing last year's Navy Seal Swim and being able to see you accomplish that goal in person but that you are doing it again this year is absolutely incredible! Also, It is also amazing that you are raising money again this year for the GI GO FUND. Cheers to you and good luck this August! I know you will do GREAT! I love you! -Court "

Andrea Holt donated $50

7/4/2022, 4:42:58 PM

"Thanks to all!!!🇺🇸"

Melissa Tarantino donated $25

7/5/2022, 6:17:03 PM

Mark Wheeler donated $200

7/5/2022, 8:07:27 PM

"Thank you Dave! Keep up the awesome job."

Isabel Cumming donated $50

7/16/2022, 11:14:57 AM

"You got this! Always believe in you"

Hal Taylor donated $50

7/19/2022, 2:29:18 PM

"Go get ‘em Dave!! We need to catch up. "

Gregory Grant donated $50

7/19/2022, 2:53:55 PM

"Thanks for supporting this event and cause. "

Isabel Cumming donated $50

7/19/2022, 4:41:22 PM

"Go Dave!!!"

Ellen Hineman donated $50

7/19/2022, 4:52:10 PM

"Dave, You are always being the change! Keep up the good work!"

Debra Carpenter donated $50

7/19/2022, 5:29:07 PM

Heidi Lenzini donated $50

7/19/2022, 8:59:06 PM

"Go Dave, and thanks for supporting this fundraiser!"

Christina Grabus donated $50

7/19/2022, 10:18:26 PM

Adria Epley donated $50

7/19/2022, 11:07:04 PM

"GOOOO Dave!"

Van Lai-DuMone donated $50

7/19/2022, 11:10:42 PM

"Great cause! Happy to support. Swim Dave, swim!"

Sheila Crunkleton donated $50

7/20/2022, 12:33:50 AM

"Dave you are awesome!"

Karen Teller donated $100

7/20/2022, 12:58:12 AM

"Be safe and finish Strong. Such a wonderful cause. "

Karla Brennan donated $100

7/23/2022, 12:02:11 AM

"Dave! You're amazing! How young are you??? God Speed - happy to support this great cause for this great country! "

Toni Blake donated $100

7/27/2022, 2:46:23 PM

"Thank you!"

Karen Teller donated $100

8/4/2022, 1:58:21 PM

"Best of luck. Can’t believe you are swiming that far. What a terrific cause. "

Janice D'Aloia donated $100

8/4/2022, 5:16:24 PM

William Keefe donated $50

8/7/2022, 7:48:56 AM

"Great Swim Dave. Congratulations to you and all who made the plunge today"

Dave Albin donated $50

8/10/2022, 9:58:27 PM

"Keep swimming, Dave!!"

Robbie de Rojas donated $100

9/16/2022, 4:51:10 PM

"Looking forward to receiving and reading your book"


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