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Gulf Middle School is dedicated to helping the veteran community. With our team of 80, we hope to raise $400 for the GI Go Fund. To be a part of this drive and show your gratitude to our troops, simply donate $5 or more to GI Go Fund and wear jeans to work along with your program sticker on Jeans for Troops Day!

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November 8th, 2017

Recent Donations

  • Theresa Janigian
  • John Davidson
    Because I consider myself blessed and I donate to everything.
  • Kathy Newhouse
    I would like to thank you for your service.
  • Lisa Stevens
  • Debbie Lockard
  • Brenda Bowling
    Home of the Free because of the Brave
  • Lisa Taylor
    Appreciate all they sacrifice...
  • Nicole Emery
    Thank you for everything.
  • $5Tim McDaniel
    We all need to make a difference in someone’s life.
  • Russ greene
    It's a family thing!
  • Judy Lock-Aviles
  • $5Mr. Loughren
    Thank you Veterans!!
  • Kristy Lavis
    Our freedom continues because of the sacrifice of our veterans!
  • Melissa Jamison
    Grateful for all veterans, including my father and grandfather, and my cousin who is currently serving.
  • Becky Walter
    Love our veterans, especially my hubby!
  • Dana Livingston
  • Sally Stevens
    My WW II vet, 95 yr young, uncle is a beloved role model to 3 generations of our family.
  • Mike Newman
  • Laurie Kane
    Thankful and proud of all the veterans, especially my father.
  • Emma Winfield
    Veterans deserve all the support we can offer.
  • $5Jeff MacDougall
    Thanks for putting your life on the line so that we may continue to be truly free. You are a blessing to all.
  • $5Nancy Hallenbeck
    Ditto what Mr. Toadvine said !!
  • Reba Brant
  • Brenda Peterson
    Currently have a son who is serving our country
  • Jennifer P
    Ditto what Mr. Toadvine said
  • Heidi W.
    Ditto what Mr. Toadvine said!!
  • Mathew Toadvine
    Everything I get to enjoy today is through the support of our country's troops. This is my small way of thanking them for all they do.



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