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Helping Our Veterans Together

ViacomCBS Veterans Network is dedicated to helping the veteran community. With our team, we hope to raise $24,400 for the GI Go Fund. To help and show your gratitude to our troops, simply donate $5 or more to GI Go Fund and during the week of June 29 – July 3 wear red, white and/or blue to celebrate 244 years of the U.S. Independence Day

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June 29th, 2020



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Recent Donations

  • $50Stephen Holton
    As a veteran myself, I recognize that even after we take off the uniform we continue to serve
  • $100Christopher Simon
    We must continue to support our Veterans!
  • $50Cathy Vincent
    In eternal gratitude for all your sacrifices for our freedom.
  • Mindy Greene
    Thank you to our veterans and to the Veterans Network
  • $50John Keohane
    Our vets deserve everything we can give them
  • $50Michelle Martin
    Thank you GI Go and ViacomCBS Veterans Network for all you do to support our Veteran and Military Families.
  • $25Rick
    For our returning soldiers, for health and happiness.
  • $50Otto Petersen
    Supporting our veteran community!
  • $50Betty Diaz
    Proud to support our veteran and military families community!